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rag doll III
Monday November 20th 2006, 6:05 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

you start to squirm again at the thought of me draining the life from you one drop at a time. seeing me hover over you in a blur not sure if i am grinning or grimacing. then that unanswered question would be revealed…would you be hard when you died baby?

“such a slut baby, i cannot say that enough to you. i think that is the equivalent of saying good boy to a dog. but you always wanted to be a good pet huh?”

i glance downward to see the skin swelling and oozing with blood. “tisk, that looks like a nasty cut there. i wanna put little black x’s up and down that cut. make you look like a real rag doll.”

i pull out a fresh needle and start to work the black thread through the eye as before. your eyes follow my fingers as they meticulously prep my tool. i run the alcohol over my hands and needle as it splashes into your open wound. you hiss. i start to rub my clit against your flesh. i hear a moan in your throat as you shift again.

i push the needle into your meaty flesh. you grunt at the pain and try to breathe through it. “oh you big pussy, enjoy this attention you are getting from me. this is what you wanted right? whether it be good or bad, you just want my eyes and hands on you my slut. are you starting to reconsider whining at me for more attention my slut? nah, i know you, you love it.” i start to jab into you as i sew you up messy. you start to curse and grunt with spit as i jab into you and varying depths. just when you thought you could not take another stab from me and leap up to choke me out, i stop.

i toss the bloody needle to the side. i stare down at you with a look of contempt of my face. “mmmmm look at the blood smears and black thread. you look fictional to me baby, like my personal raggedy ann doll. should i sew up that cock of yours so you can stay my little bitch for a few days?”

“no, noo grace, please,” you whimper. you eyes pleading to me more then ever before.

“awww you don’t want me to sew up your cock? what are you gonna do for me then?” i stare down at you with all seriousness.

your eyes race as you try to think of what could you possible to do instead of me sewing your cock to your ass. my eyes start to burn into your flesh as they grow narrow. my lip starts to twitch to a curl.

“that’s what i thought you fucking whore. you just want what you want and then walk away with that sense of satisfaction. i told you, you weren’t in charge and now what do you think you are doing?” i spit at you with baring teeth.

your head shakes from side to side wildly. “n-n-no gra-ce, n-no.” you sputter from your lips.

“yeah, you keep listening to those other sluts try to tell you the sub was always in charge. i know that fucking game you whores play! you piece of shit!” i shift up off you and hover over you. “get out of my site!” i yell as i start to kick you off the bed. “don’t you fucking just sit there, get the fuck outta here!”

you scramble off the bed trying to grab your clothes. “GET OUT!” i start to throw my tools at you as you dodge out of aim and view. “Don’t you fucking call me either!” i scream behind you.

several weeks pass without a word. you thought that i would just come to my senses and call you. you dare not try to contact me in fear i would hunt you down and kill you, without out any sexual pleasure either.

just when you started to move on your phone beeps. it is a text message from grace that reads “get over here now”. you smile at those four words and you get up and head straight over without any thought or hesitation.

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“you look fictional to me”…goddamn, grace…wanna cum so badly right now…reading this in a cafe…wanna slip into the bathroom…and send you a picture

thank you, grace

i am glad you enjoyed that one baby.

just for you, as always.

Comment by v 11.20.06 @ 2:08 pm

Oh Grace.. parts of your deviant mind frightens me in a good way. Frightens me because I don’t ever think that could be me.. In a good way because with you, that could be me 🙂

awww thanks pan, i appreciate your dedication in reading such gore. *wink* i would have never thought innocent, angelic pan would be into such deviancies.

thanks love.

Comment by Pandora 11.20.06 @ 7:22 pm

Ah Gracie… you of all people know that where there is an angel.. there is a devil.. and she lives and breathes within me, slowly escaping and making herself known. A wound kept fresh by all the scratching I can’t resist.

ha ha! well my darling i was never an angel, but now i know better then to see you as such an deviant innocent sort. i want to see that side very much pan….the devil side.


Comment by Pandora 11.21.06 @ 2:36 am

The language in this is so sensual and erotic. The post is fucking hot. I like this darker side.

thank you chris, i appreciate that a lot. there are days where i just want to marinate in the darker side because, it is me.

Comment by Chris 11.21.06 @ 4:31 am

Ah Gracie.. and I so very much want to show you my devil side. *lick* She is comfortable around you.

then show me.

Comment by pandora 11.21.06 @ 8:42 pm

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