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Monday December 19th 2005, 9:37 pm
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we are getting ready for the day. i do my hair, put on my red, tight, see through panties and i am about to put on the rest of my clothes. he comes up behind me and lands this deep kiss onto my lips. i instantly get wet from the lack of sex lately. instead of set on going out, i am set on getting fucked.

as we kissed i could feel the wetness soaking my panties. i was aroused and feeling his leg pressing against my yearning pussy. i felt so untouched and just a little innocent. it has been a while.

he tells me to turn over and spread my legs. he pulls down my panties and then instructs me to get on the bed with my ass in the air. i sit there wondering in a few moments of silence and no touching. i become even more aroused, is he looking at my ass and yearning pussy? his hand suddenly glides over my pussy. his touch feels so good and i just grow more and more wet.

he starts to tongue at my ass. he slides a finger into my pussy as he tongues at my ass. i feel entranced with sex. i just want him, i want him to give me pleasure that i have been longing for. it has been too long. i have gone too long without his hard cock in my pussy. i am hungry for him.

in slides his hard cock. he fills me and i moan in pleasure. in and out and i don’t want it to stop. i have wanted this for so many days now. i am starving for him inside of me. i feel it and i take it all in. he slaps my ass and i clench around his dick.

he motions for me to turn over on to my back. he spreads my legs wide and shoves his cock into me. he grips my body and starts to tug on my nipples. i am growing more and more wet. i can feel my wetness seeping down to my asshole.

mmmmm just writing about this is making my pussy tingle.

he covers my mouth and nose. i close my eyes as my body bucks for air, yet feels this pleasure surge throughout. i reach up and pull on his nipples. i start to feel him pound my wet cunt. he groans as he fills me with his hot cum. i start to grab his cock with my tight pussy. i milk him as he grunts with each thrust i give him. after about the third i let him go. as he slides out i feel his cum leak from my hot pussy. i reach down and rub his cum over my hard clit. i start to rub and it feels so wonderful. i pinch my hard nipple and rub till i cum.

mmmmmm i want that again. right now.

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“i start to grab his cock with my tight pussy. i milk him as he grunts with each thrust i give him.”

i love it i love it love it!!! so fucking hot.

why thank you. *smile*

Comment by bittersweet637 03.21.07 @ 5:08 pm

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