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put in her place
Wednesday August 02nd 2006, 11:49 am
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i was laying face down in the bed. i knew i was in trouble. E was washing up two new toys i bought on my way home, a much bigger butt plug and a new 7.5 inch by 2 inch vixskin dildo. the anticipation of that dildo going inside me was driving me wild all evening, the girth was much more then any dildo i had. i had been looking at porn online for over an hour before this moment. there was no controlling my squirming body. i pulled my ass upward to feel my g-string press against my clit. i have never felt so aroused, hungry waiting like this and delaying an orgasm instead of giving in to masturbation after seeing porn.

E grabbed, pulled and spanked my ass. i did not feel the pain, this was foreplay to me. i yelped at the hard swats and moved with the stings. he was lecturing me on my place in this sexual relationship. he fucks me, he tells me what to do and i am the slut.

i felt lube on my ass and i felt nervous having this bigger plug going inside. E started to push the first nub in. he sternly told me to relax. the first bulge went in and i yelped a bit. he tried to push in the rest, he used more lube and it went all the way in. i was groaning and moaning. i pushed my face into the pillow and savoring this moment of pleasure and pain.

fingers pushed deep inside. E was enjoying this new accessory in my ass. i squirmed with this motions. he mentioned the dildo was going to be too big to push in with the butt plug in. instead he pushes in his cock inside me and fucks me from behind. he pulls out forces in three fingers hitting my g-spot. his finger fucking is amazing.

i feel something soft push in. there is not resistance and i realized it was the new dildo. i gasp in and push my head into the bed groaning. this was a new sensation and so wonderful. E gave me the vibrator and told me to hold it on my clit. he controlled the speed and barked at me if i did not hold my ass in the air. keeping this kind of control was a challenge. i did my best till the wave of my orgasm struck me limp.

E turned me over and continued to work the dildo in my tense, tightened cunt. he pulled it out and replaced it with three fingers. he hit my g-spot immediately. he covered my nose and mouth with his free hand. i felt juices flowing from my cunt all over his fingers and the plug slipped out of my ass. my arms started to flail and he let me breathe.

“on the ground” he said.

i went straight for the ground as he threw down a pillow for my head. he still seemed mad, but he let me have a pillow. he shoved my head into the pillow telling me to masturbated. his hand grabbed a fistfull of hair has he wrapped a scarf around my neck. straddling me from behind he tightened the scarf. i never felt the sensation he was administering. i felt light headed and limp, i muffled a noise and let me free from the grip.

he pulled my head upward with the scarf like a leash making me get on my knees on the ground. he sat at the edge of bed with my collar in hand. he fastened the collar around my neck, laid back on the bed, motioned for me to stand up, bend over and suck his cock. he watched me bob up and down on his hardness. he told me to go all the way down. i worked him into the back of my throat. i did what he told me to do…lick his balls, lick his cock, suck it…all the way down…take it all in.

E positioned himself on the bed making room for me. he told me to lay down so he can look at my ass. i positioned myself spreading my legs slightly. he told me sway my ass from side to side, bounce it up and down. he told me to see how hard i made him and i glanced back to see him stroking his cock slowly. i mentioned to E i almost felt like passing out when he had the scarf around my neck. he replied with…”had i known that i would not have stopped”.

today i am sore from my new toy and E’s finger fucking. this is the way i prefer to be, to remember what happened the night before. i am curious to see how the next session goes.

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You, my dear, are a gem. Grats on the new butt plug.

(I don’t get to say that every day)

Comment by Mr. Husbland 08.02.06 @ 8:50 pm

Next Session … would you invite me ??

Comment by kindabiz 08.03.06 @ 2:38 am

Wow. That sounds like SUCH a good time!!


Comment by Jen 08.03.06 @ 7:33 am

Glad to see you’re enjoying your new toys .. can’t wait to hear about the next session

Comment by dirty thirties 08.03.06 @ 1:40 pm

mr. husbland – why thank you. i will savor that remark then.

kindabiz – can you hang? *wink*

jen – it was an amazing time. it appears he has something planned for this evening.

dirtythirties – yes, that session should be just around the corner too.

Comment by Gracie 08.03.06 @ 3:58 pm

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