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punishing the naughty
Monday August 28th 2006, 9:24 am
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“did you have a good time by yourself,” as he noticed my dildo and plug in the sink drying.

i looked at him a little surprised. i did not respond to his question.

“bitch, i asked you a question,” walking over to me.

“so,” i barked back in defiance. i immediately thought of you and what i had done several hours before. i almost smirked knowing i was wrong, i was naughty and i was being a total slut.

he yanks me upright in bed, stares in my face, grabbing at my breasts that are hidden underneath a tight microfiber, blank tank top with matching panties. he notices my attire bends down to my face as i squirm at his touches.

“you are such a fucking slut.”

i whimper with approval.

“you are a nympho.”

i am pressing up against him. i want him. i want you through him.

“stand up i want to see you.”

i slowly stand facing him. he gawks at me, i feel shy as he stares and adjusts my top, pulling it down to expose the tops of my breasts. he gets up and comes back with my black heels. he sets them facing the wall. i know what he wants as i step into them. i push my ass out with my hands against the wall.

“yessssss,” he groans. “you are one hot piece of ass. shake that ass for me. mmmm yeah, come here slut.”

i turn around and walk towards him. he has his cock hard in his hand, sitting at the edge of the bed with his legs open. he points to the bed and i know he wants me to bend over his leg on to the bed. he starts beating my ass. in the beginning i am getting so wet, loving the pain. thinking about you spanking my ass with rage. the hits grow harder and in the same place. i start to yelp, you continue beating me and i start to cry out in pain. my hand swings back like a child being beat by her father in need of that moment to stop to breath through the hard stings. you grab my hand and throw it aside. beating me as i continue crying out.

i feel my dildo push up inside me. i groan and tighten around it. i start gripping the bed sheets.

“open your mouth slut!”

i open my mouth and he shoves in my plug, fucking my mouth. i am gagging as he fucks my cunt and mouth. every time i gag my cunt tightens and pushes the dildo out. my eyes start to water as he gags my mouth.

“you know what i talked about at work the other day? i was telling my co-workers what a slut you are. tell them that i fuck your ass and that you will do anything. i may just bring them home and let them fuck your ass you whore.”

my cunt leaks hearing this. a flurry of images course through my mind. i start to shake. he yanks out the plug from my mouth. shoves his finger into my ass. i come so hard thinking of you just using me.

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Ahhh … bliss. The mind and body are not always at the same place when fucking, when having wild sex … Such a beautiful secret … Excellent post

Comment by Aragorn 08.28.06 @ 12:40 pm

hot stuff gracie mmmm

Comment by expei 08.28.06 @ 5:59 pm

Hot story, Gracie. Well told. I can visualize each moment.

Comment by Semi-Celibate Man 08.28.06 @ 7:22 pm

You actually got inside my heads with this post….somebody throw me a towel! *grin*

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.28.06 @ 10:03 pm

great stuff!
check out my blog, hope you’ll like it:

Comment by mast2rbator 08.29.06 @ 2:40 am


Comment by Anonymous 08.29.06 @ 9:59 am

fuck, keep writing. i love a girl with a filthy mouth…

Comment by Man With A One Track Mind 08.29.06 @ 4:17 pm

oh my!
fantastic gracie, a pure joy as usual.

Comment by single gal 08.29.06 @ 7:29 pm

thank you all for your awesome comments. i appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. licks to all of you.

Comment by Gracie 08.30.06 @ 9:56 pm

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