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Tuesday December 12th 2006, 3:58 pm
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i had no idea how this dinner was going to go for E and i. our evening was already tense as i had to do a photo shoot earlier with rain and traffic it was almost grim. i was quiet as we waited for our table, we had small talk as i watched people around us. i remember hating the smell of a woman with too much wretched perfume as she attempted to wisp by me.

as we walked deep into the busy and loud dining room i glanced at tables looking at the drunken patrons. we were seated right in the center of all the snobbery. E chose the seat closest to me instead of across from me. as soon as we sat down i felt every bit of tension just go away. my focus was on E as we engaged in conversations about our art and it shifted to sex. it tends to do that in these types of environments. maybe it is some strange fetish we have, “let’s taint this fine dining establishment with vile words of lust.”

two glasses of wine into me i cannot recall word for word our discussion of sex and sexuality. yet, we spoke in a normal tone, not caring if others heard us. i would giggle as we hushed when a waiter of bus boy came by. i would eye them as we are put on pause to continue our conversation.

“sometimes i look over at you and see you as an object, a toy. sometimes i want you mindless and without clothes.”

i would smile at him. i found his objectifying words arousing. we pushed each other to the limits with just how much to reveal to each other.

“you don’t know what goes on in my mind,” he gloats.

“you don’t have a clue E,” i respond.

we give each other this glare as to tell one another…”bring it”.

i recall telling him about fucking someone to their death. i recall telling him a little bit more about V.

E smiles and tells me that we are both fucked up. he begins to tell me how he would allow me to dom a guy. E would be sitting on the couch as this sub male of mine would walk in and ask for me. “she is in the back.” the man would look puzzled and walk to the bedroom. i would do my thing and as soon as the door closes behind him when he leaves, E would come in to the room and dom me.

“i really get off in spanking your ass like a 5 year old, stripping you down and sending you to bed,” he tells me with a grin. “i know you like it too.”

“i do,” as i laugh at his remark. i remember a few nights earlier when i came home grumpy and pouty. he turned me around, hands up against the wall as he ripped my pants down and spanked me. he told me to strip to my panties as he pointed to the bedroom and told me to go to bed. yes, i stomped off to bed and threw the covers over me as he finished doing what he was doing.

before i know it the dining room is growing empty as we are there well past closing. my head is light and before we stand to leave the conversation switches back to life.

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I love it. I do this too. My fuck buddy and I sit there and talk about how we like to fuck each other and what we have done just as if we were talking about the weather in some crowded place. It’s erotic because it’s so public yet so comfortable. You two have an impressive relationship.

perhaps most couples do this more then we think. *wink*

thank you.

Comment by Chris 12.12.06 @ 5:45 pm

*Sigh* You two have exactly what I want with M. So open, so lovely.

I too nearly gagged while collecting my mail this afternoon. This woamn was wearing the most horrible smelling perfume!

well my dear pan, it took many years. it has not always been like this. all i can say is keep the lines of communication open with a lot of non-judgemental understanding. in relationships we tend to be more judgemental then a stranger. but, i am not speaking for all and every interaction is different.

yes, i hate annoying smells.

Comment by seductivepandora 12.12.06 @ 8:41 pm

so naughty yet so nice. And since they say never discuss politics or religion, what a great subject to gravitate to sex and sexuality!

i love to talk about sex over politics. at times we get into it with religion.

Comment by WoodInHand 12.13.06 @ 1:01 pm

Tender and sweet. But not too much sugar, just enough.

*laughing* i like that.

Comment by Liras 12.13.06 @ 10:43 pm

You are such a mental fuck 🙂 That is easily the quality I find most attractive about you. And I appreciate how you flow your mind onto this blog and let us ride that mental wave with you. Sexual chit chat in normal tones while seated in the middle of a restaurant is very sexy. I love doing that. It has dynamic naughty levels that change with every nuance of the room.

I loved this post.


py, your comments always make me smile. i am glad that you are able to read me again. thank you for the naughty words.

Comment by pyrhonik 12.14.06 @ 7:06 am

spanking mmmm, tell me more about that….

well, he pushed my jeans down and kicked my legs apart harping at me to put my hands up against the well, “bend forward!” he would bark. he would take hard hits on one cheek while grazing his hand between my legs between each hit. he would growl even more to spread my legs if he couldn’t get all the way between my thighs without touching. he is a viscious man at times, but i cannot help but want more of it.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 12.14.06 @ 8:29 am

i don’t know if i should comment about the post (been there, humiliatingly forgetting it’s a public place and i’m tlaking about beatings and piss and aching tits…) or the comments to the post (“he is a viscious man at times, but i cannot help but want more of it…”)

Both. Lucky you.

well toy, i am glad you found value in the post and the comments. *smile*

Comment by His toy 12.14.06 @ 7:07 pm

Hi Gracie, welcome to your new home…I see the heat did not cool on the move…love to fuck you, Stroker

oh stroker, those are very dangerous words to be spouting to a woman that hasn’t been fucked in god knows how long. i see “love to fuck you” and that is all i can think about. i have seen the pictures. *wink* thank you so much.

Comment by stroker 12.16.06 @ 9:09 am

This is soooo good , and so dirty. Reminds me of similiar filthy public moments which were yet so private and tender. (sigh).

Beautiful, darling, as are you–

a lick and a bite,

mmmm O, you know how i feel about you. when you comment, i love it. you do the exact same to me. funny huh? *bite*

Comment by O 12.17.06 @ 3:56 am

Do you ever fantasize about stripping nude in the middle of one of those restaurants and fucking right on the table as everyone around you continues to eat . . . and watch?

I do!

Here’s a restaurant fantasy I had as I was reading about your spanking: I pull down your skirt and panties (if you’re wearning any), bend you over the table and beat you with a side of spareribs. Then I bend over and tenderly lick the barbecue sauce off your ass . . .

goddamn cherrie, leave it to you to talk about a side of spareribs! *laughing* dirty girl. don’t tenderly lick the sauce off my ass, better bite it honey cuz that is what i could do. *wink*

Comment by Cherrie 12.17.06 @ 11:49 am

I’d love to fuck in the restaurant Cherrie!

Glad you had a pleasant evening out Gracie 🙂

with you jem, i can totally see it. you naughty girl.

Comment by Jemima 12.18.06 @ 1:11 am

I know love…I long for your comments too, and then we come together. 😉


any words that you spill on to the screen (i want to say paper, please tell me you like to write on paper still…) is like fucking christmas for me. there are those few and i do mean few that just strike me physically with words and those few i would never take for granted. i want to consume you selfishly so i know that you are always there.

Comment by O 12.19.06 @ 1:20 am

I love Cherrie’s comment with the ribs and sauce. Always nice to combine foods with sex. Like George on Seinfeld seeing if he can eat a sandwich while he’s screwing a girl

ha ha! oh you guys crack me up.

Comment by Al Sensu 12.21.06 @ 9:46 pm

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