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prove it
Saturday December 02nd 2006, 10:18 pm
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“are you really my slut?”

“yes, grace.”

“i want you to prove it, i wanna see if you really are the slut you tell me you are daily.”

there is hesitation in V’s response. a grin forms on her face as she is well aware that proving something such as a “slut” could be dangerous. yet, he put his trust in her that she wouldn’t put his life, career, family and marriage on the line. she enjoyed “testing” his will to be so subservient to her.

“anything, grace.”

her face lights up with his response as her heart starts to race with excitement.

“i was talking to another slut of mine today. he spurred a thought process when he told me there would be a time when the both of you would want my attention. he detailed this image of me watching the both of your via cam doing what i wanted. i then told him that i am sure the both of you would like an audience.”

V’s cock twitched at the story as his heart started to pound in his chest with the thrill. he listened intently as her lips moved with this thought flow.

“i want others to watch you both. i want to advertise an open invitation for other deviants like us to watch my sluts jack off to me. i want as many eyes on you as possible and i want the both of you to watch each other also.”

the hardening in his jeans was getting uncomfortable as he shifted in his seat. his mind raced with images and then a wonderment if others in the surrounding area could hear this one sided conversation. her volume was not hushed, but not that noticeable either. it didn’t matter to V that what she was talking about was causing his face to flush because her face was just the same with her calm demeanor. he knew her red cheeks were a sign her cunt was wet as her legs squeezed tightly as they were crossed. the one hand on her coffee cup was squeezing till her knuckles were whitening. he shifted again in his seat.

“what do you think V?”

“i will do anything you want grace.”

“good, i will post an invitation  and then we will coordinate the date and time. maybe if that works out well, you will be sucking his cock for me baby.”

V jerked in his seat as his squinted slightly at that last remark.

“mmmmm you amuse and arouse me in so many ways V. now, follow me into the bathroom so you can lick me clean.”

V’s lips parted with a gasp. as he followed behind her towards the women’s restroom. he didn’t care about the stares they were getting as she opened the door and he followed. it didn’t matter that his hardon was apparent in his jeans. he was entranced by her walk and the words that crept into his mind.

later that evening V was doing various tasks for grace when he stumbled on their blog that read:

my fellow deviants
i invite you to to witness an event to watch my sluts do their bidding for me. this will take place via yahoo web cams and chat. please forward an email to xxgraciebabyxx [at] gmail [dot] com to get further information on the date and time of this event. we all look forward to your eyes on my sluts with one hand on the keyboard and another on yourself.

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goddamn, grace…i wouldn’t put it past you

uh huh, already have people signing up baby.

so, get ready.

Comment by vslut 12.02.06 @ 10:55 pm

Oh Gracie! It all sounds so wonderful. I would love to be there!

oh yes my pan, i know.

it will be fun.

Comment by Pandora 12.03.06 @ 2:38 am

General, you put lesser minds to shame.

don’t make me blush my dear.

Comment by Liras 12.03.06 @ 11:59 pm

Ooooh, exciting! Exhibitionism online. I like it.


Comment by Chris 12.04.06 @ 12:06 am

I like the idea….oh wait…that’s me…

uh huh.

Comment by NC 12.04.06 @ 7:00 pm

well now.. that certainly is an invitation worth answering 😉

Comment by Mina 12.02.09 @ 2:29 pm

wow reading that again made me just love V that much more. he’s such a wonderful part of my life.

Comment by Gracie 12.04.09 @ 6:06 pm

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