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predator and prey
Wednesday December 06th 2006, 2:13 pm
Filed under: Masochist,Masturbation,Sex

how did i get here?

i asked myself this in a revelation as E was biting the back of my neck like a dominating animal with his hand between my legs growling at me to masturbate, to come.

it started with this half playing half angered fight between us. he was hovering over me egging me to fight him off of me as he yanked my arms above my head and grabbing at my exposed flesh. i started to fight him to get from beneath him as we hissed at each other. i pushed him back with my legs and turn on to my stomach to get up, but he pushed me down still above me and shoved my panties past my ass as he beat me. i slowly slithered off the futon as he just followed me down to the ground.

his teeth then met the back of my neck as he bit down. he was growling and hissing at me as he shoved his hand between my legs. i was whimpering and grunting as i felt his teeth digging into me. i was grinding against his hand, gripping the carpet with my hands. i was overpowered by him as his grip into my flesh would shift and move as he was trying to find the right spot. i couldn’t stop pushing against him, i wanted it and i gave in to his strength. my body started to shake as i tensed up in his grasp, my eyes fluttered and i let out a scream as i came. after my body went limp he let go of my neck and i laid there panting into the ground trying to catch my breath.

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Wow. Very hot. Something about some physical resistance and fighting that heightens the senses even more. Maybe more adrenaline? I love being overpowered and bitten…though I love to do the same as well.

mmmhmmm. thank you chris. i can tell you are a feisty one as well.

Comment by Chris 12.06.06 @ 6:12 pm

Mmmmm I would so love to be there.. watching you pant.

yeah? i would much rather be the one making you pant.

Comment by seductivepandora 12.06.06 @ 11:17 pm

How beastly.

uh huh.

Comment by Rae 12.07.06 @ 5:59 am

Mmm.. biting your neck sounds yummy! I do that too. Not sure why, but I just do. Something about the back of the neck is SO freakin’ sexy!

yes, it is. nice to see you over here. *smile*

Comment by Lustdemon 12.07.06 @ 9:30 pm

Wow, that’s incredibly hot. I was telling Z I wanted him to leave a scar on me. Mark me. I don’t know if that is supposed to be hot, but the idea really turns me on. Behind my collar bone. mmmmm.

mmmmm scar. you are a bad bad girl. but, i like it.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 12.08.06 @ 7:12 pm

I love biting flesh!

Like the new look 🙂

hi jem! i am glad to see you and thank you!

Comment by Jemima 12.09.06 @ 1:55 am

The adrenaline thundering through your veins as you struggle is a powerful rush. The sweet release when you’re orgasm triggers is another intoxicant. These two combine to make a sexual 1-2punch that is a knockout everytime 8) Especially once you have mastered with a partner. Fuckin incredible, I’ll bet!

why yes my dear Py it really is fucking incredible. it takes many years to get to this point with a “better half”. the key is, he and i are two pervy deviants that like to get off on our “thing”.

Comment by pyrhonik 12.11.06 @ 9:44 am

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