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Saturday July 29th 2006, 8:15 am
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i knew it was getting too late when i kept glancing at the time. being on edge all day did not help and that sexual tension just went to my neck by the end of the day. when E walked into the room to say goodnight i knew my chances of getting any kind of attention were pretty much next to null. i jumped up after him to make grave attempts.

i stripped down to my black panties in front of him and turned off the light. he mentioned he would suck on my tits if i hurried up. i did not make haste. i slipped into bed next to him, he pulled me on my side and his mouth went to my nipples. my eyes closed and i squirmed like a cock hungry slut. my hand kneaded his shoulder blade and i knew this was not going to satisfy. i felt so hungry, starved and desperate. i needed an intense orgasm…not wanted or desired. this was a primal need and his coy attempts were not going to work.

my moans grew louder as he teased and my back was arching just from his motions. E was going to pull away and leave me dying for lust. with that i whimpered..begged, “please, please”. he almost responded with “what?” and instead he snapped. his hand pushed aside my panties and he started to rub my clit. i felt this antsy wave rush my skin and i was in a lust trance. his fingers sunk inside my drenched cunt and i spread my legs wide. my juices were seeping and i was creaming his fingers several times. he slipped in another finger and i smiled with that sense of being such a cheap whore. i wanted to be used and i wanted to get off badly. his fingers pulled out and methodically rubbed my clit. thoughts were racing in my mind and instead of his actions being somewhat repetitive or distracting it aided my thoughts. i had a small orgasm leaving my panties drenched and nice wet spot on the bed.

E got up to get me a wash cloth, still in my hypnotic lust trance i jumped up and went for the ground to masturbate. i was a bitch in heat that needed her fix or i was going to explode. i laid on my stomach and started to masturbate. i could see E’s feet walk in the room and i knew he was starring. he came over and straddled me from behind, pushed my panties barely over the curve of my ass. i felt his legs squeeze my thighs tightly, he spread open my ass and pushed down, this was new. not seeing him, i knew he was starring right at my open ass. i got off on that thought and him pushing down assisted my masturbation. i came with intensity arching upwards exposing my breasts. E got up from his position and i continued for two more intense loud orgasms. i kept rubbing my hungry cunt against the carpet like i was fucking the ground. my hips swayed afterwards with my panties still pulled down. He handed me a cold wet wash cloth and i yanked my drenched panties off. i was on my knees against the bed and when that washcloth hit my clit i fell into the bed. i have never felt so horny to fuck. i almost came against the washcloth and i knew E was watching in amazement.

we settled back in bed and i assisted E in cumming himself. except this time i was rubbing on my clit while doing my duties. i know tonight E is going to fuck me silly because as i write this i am tingling in my cunt.

these busy weeks have got to stop.

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Sometimes you just gotta have it!

Hope tonight leaves you drenched and drained.

Comment by Jemima 07.29.06 @ 10:08 am

what !!! we just had he same experience last night !!!

L was just like you. and i didnt enter her but made her come orally and then she did it to me !@!!

great minds think and act alike !!!

Comment by kindabiz 07.30.06 @ 1:13 am

mmmmmm. i have a new favorite blog to read.

Comment by Brandy 07.30.06 @ 6:20 pm

Wow so lusty! I know exactly where you are coming from. Sometimes I just can’t control myself.

Comment by Pandora 07.30.06 @ 6:47 pm

I don’t know how he could resist driving in to you.

Hopefully he satisfied you later.

Comment by Suze 07.31.06 @ 8:16 am

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