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pin me
Tuesday April 11th 2006, 11:34 am
Filed under: Grace

pin my arms above my head

shove my legs apart

grab my head and push it up

so i can not see

see you

dominate me

take me

claim me

make me yours

let your hand travel to my neck

as you

force yourself into me

fuck me

squeeze my neck

don’t be nice

be selfish

the tension i have caused you

now it is time to unleash on me

hurt me good

don’t stop…

don’t stop…

don’t stop…

muffle my gasps

muffle the sound

feel my cunt tighten

around you

grab you

you know i need this

i deserve it

i am paying for my sins

cleanse my evil

with your cock

punish me

i enjoy it

with an evil grin

i want more…i want more…

i want more

can you give me more?

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