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piece (iii)
Monday June 11th 2007, 12:32 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i was shaving everything tonight and realized how much i wanted to be laying on my back with my legs spread and letting a man shave me. i know at a point my wetness would be leaking out of me as the razor would pluck every hair from my cunt. the wonderment and anticipation would drive me wild.

here is the rest of V’s email:

I push your head down even lower.

“And your poor little nipples. So hard. Does it hurt yet, baby? What do you think while the boys are staring at them and playing with the change in their pockets so that they can’t brush their hands against their balls. Go ‘head, baby. Give ’em a little yank. Nobody’s looking. Twist them hard. Yeaaaah. Fucking little whore. Can’t help herself, can she? Can’t stop thinking about how hard she’s gonna cum when she’s finally gone. Thinking about how she’ll rip her panties off and fuck herself in the garage and hope that her screams stay inside the car. Because just as she’s about to cum, baby, that’s when you’ll pull my cock out from your ass. And you’re going to fucking explode. If you’ve never squirted before, you will now. And how ya gonna clean that up baby. Your car will smell like cunt forever. But you won’t care, because it already does.”

I snap your head back. You look into my cruelly amused eyes.

“Open your mouth, bitch,” I tell you flatly. Your mouth opens before I’m even done. I let a long string of spit slip from my lips and perfectly onto your tongue. I shift slightly making sure that some of it lands on your cheek. “Swallow,” I tell you and, again, you have before I finish.

“Cunt,” I spit. There’s a silence. You shiver as you wait for your next direction. One minute. Two minutes.

You turn around. No one.

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I have been enjoying these emails. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Comment by Mina 06.11.07 @ 8:22 am

wow, Grace. you understand why I’m speechless.

mmmm yes.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 06.14.07 @ 7:56 pm

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