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Saturday June 09th 2007, 6:10 pm
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yes, i am still thinking about the beginning before ownership. it was when things were more equal and possibly a little bit like now with a twist. here are a series from an email that i wanted to share. i am sure V won’t mind.

a little background…i had brought my plug to work today and that ensued a series of emails:

Coming up behind you…running my nail across the back of your neck…up to your earlobe.

“Feel my cock inside you, baby,” I whisper, “mm-hm.  That’s me fucking you all…day…long.  That’s me deep inside your ass…feeling it clutch around my cock as you sit there and try to go through your day.  As this co-worker comes up and starts trying to chat about whatever shit was on TV.  As that co-worker wants to know about that report.  And all the time you sit there, cunt soaking your panties with my cock up your ass.  Every move…every shift reminds you of it.”

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Oh i’ve done that .. looked back at the emails that were the begining of whatever it was , with whomever he was. I like is fun to see how whatever it was , grew.
If it stayed.. it is even more fun.
If not.. at least one has the begining.

Comment by lea 06.11.07 @ 5:07 pm

HAve these been here for 5 days?? I had not seen them… I must be losing my edge, I usually comb every inch of your pages.

i have combined all 3 blogs on to here. so no you are not going crazy B. *wink*

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 06.14.07 @ 7:52 pm

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