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persuasive words
Sunday August 27th 2006, 10:15 am
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your words, goddamn your words. as soon as i read them i am wet, such a good wet too. my cunt is so swollen in need and it feel so fucking good. i swing my leg over my chair exposing my hot cunt. i feel the lips have parted and my clit hardening to the touch. so soft and freshly shaven.

i have never done this on my own…i lube my biggest plug. i watch the oil glide down and i coat the plug. i sit in my chair and reach back to work it inside me. i am nervous, not sure if this is going to work. i slowly fall down on the plug breathing so deeply. my cunt is drenching the towel beneath me. i sink down ever so slowly as i breath i sink more. mmmmm i groan as i feel my ass stretching around my plug. i push the rest of the plug in me feeling the last bulb pop inside my hungry ass. fuck i feel so good. i am rocking on it.

your words, dammit i am lost in this trance with you. i will be your little slut easily. i will take it any way you want to give it to me. plugging my ass for you without hesitation.

i grab my big dildo. my leg swung over my arm rest. i feel so fucking slutty masturbating in front of the computer. i place the cock head at the my cunt’s entrance. i have no idea if this is going to go inside of me. i push, it seems so hard to push through my tightness and this position. i keep pushing moaning at my efforts. groans in my throat as i push inside my slippery, wet cunt. i take the whole cock inside of me and i start to fuck myself fast and hard. my free hand tugging at my nipples hard giving myself the pain i need.

hurt me.

hurt me.

your words are in my eyes and in my head. i want to give you my ass. i want you to cum in it. i want to be your naughty whore, your filthy slut, your anal slave and i will obey you. i know you will take care of me.

i get on the ground and fuck myself to i cum saying your name. i am such a needy slut. spread out naked on the ground fucking myself and plugged. i pant and throb. i keep my plug in for you. i rock on it in my chair as i read and type. i am focused on you. i want you.

your words drive me with constant arousal and wetness. i am moaning for you, needing you, imagining you.

i fuck my cunt again. i am insatiable with this hunger. you keep me high, you make me so fucking wet. i fuck my cunt till i come so hard. beads of sweat on my forehead as i am catching my breath. i needed this so bad baby. i need you so bad. i feel so much better when i read your words. i feel like i can sleep tonight.

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that was amazing…..loved the way you drew yourself out.

Words are powerful.

Comment by Edtime Stories 08.27.06 @ 10:45 am

Oh my.. I would love to know what his words were that made you do that..

Comment by dirty thirties 08.27.06 @ 11:25 am

wow – that was incredible gracie.
i’m spent get have this need to grab my own and jump right on it.

Comment by single gal 08.27.06 @ 11:53 am

what were the secret words ?

i promise to keep it a secret …. only me and you !!!

Comment by kindabiz 08.27.06 @ 10:28 pm

Reading that has got me turned on… it’s so sexual, reading how you arouse youself…

Comment by Banana Boy 08.28.06 @ 4:53 am

Oh my ! Very intense and so much energy in your words … How can you concentrate in typing while feeling so hot and horny … Great !

Comment by Aragorn 08.28.06 @ 5:53 am


Comment by Anonymous 08.28.06 @ 7:13 am

you sexy fucking bitch. you know how to write. i want to reward you by plugging your mouth with my thick hard cock. hmmmmm, sexy fucking slut…looking at your ass as you suck…
i could go on obviously

Comment by Man With A One Track Mind 08.28.06 @ 7:42 am

This was a particularly excellent post!

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.28.06 @ 10:05 pm

and your words i’m sure have had the same effect on the writer, and others of us…

Comment by Al Sensu 08.30.06 @ 9:50 pm

eddie baby – thank you.

dirty – ah ah if i told you i would have to kill you.

single – mmmm good girl!

kindabiz – it is a secret i cannot share. then it would not be a secret naughty boy!

b. boy – thank you, yessss it was very special.

aragorn – you would be amazed how multi-tasked i can be. i am a functioning deviant my dear!

thank you anonymous guest

man with sex on his mind – quite the offer you have. i will keep that in mind.

py – thank you *smile*

al – i think you are right. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.30.06 @ 9:55 pm

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