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parted lips
Tuesday August 10th 2010, 9:50 pm
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it all started with an email…

him: Very hard and ready to go.

me: that’s a terrible shame. terrible.

him: If you were here, you would so be being fucked right now.

me: you shouldn’t tease a lady in heat… just saying.

him: Who’s teasing?

me: now i really can’t work with thoughts of fucking pounding in my head.

him: What are you going to do about it?

me: i’m going to sit here flushed with dreamy eyes and parted lips and attempt to do this work while listening to music that makes me wanna fuck till i can’t stand it anymore. then i’ll get my fully charged vibrator out and come harder than i have came in the last few days.

so i sat in my chair. my skin was burning and my cunt aching. this week has been pure torment knowing i wasn’t going to be fucked this weekend. so, i reminisce on past encounters and encounters to be had. this new man, this man that i have been emailing for what seems like weeks now, this man drawing out of me this need to come, this need to take care of it, right now.

breathing has quickened.

my heart races.

i lay on the bed and let the pillows envelope me. my hand reaches for the vibrator, i push it between my legs and close my eyes. my body hums, my mind spins and i lick my lips. my teeth bite my bottom lip as my body is in tuned with my racing thoughts. me left hand grips the edge of the mattress and my back arches. i stopped breathing, i’m outside of my body for mere splits of a second. as my back settles i start to gasp for breath and the tears stream from my eyes.

this is bitter sweet and miserable. this is me yearning. this is me not being fulfilled physically. this is a weakened bridge to hold me over till i am sated once more.

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thanks for the visual, but i know once isn’t enough, you’ll be wearing that vibrator out till you get the real thing again šŸ˜‰

Comment by Jack 08.10.10 @ 9:54 pm

Should have left him on the line to hear you. And encourage you.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 08.11.10 @ 3:33 pm

Hardin, we just weren’t at that point yet and he isn’t into the whole phone sex thing.

Comment by dark gracieĀ® 08.11.10 @ 4:06 pm

gurl you are good =)

Comment by kaycee nightfire 08.13.10 @ 1:48 am

thank you!

Comment by dark gracieĀ® 08.13.10 @ 2:02 am

Simply delicious.

Comment by vanimp 12.05.10 @ 1:54 pm

Thank you very much.

Comment by Dark Gracie Ā® 12.05.10 @ 10:04 pm

damn this is gud. totally came to this one! great stuff Gracie!

Comment by Mystic 01.11.11 @ 6:24 pm

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