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panties not required
Saturday December 24th 2005, 9:07 pm
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FLASHBACK to yesterday (yeah i know that is such a flashback, bare with me and just play along ok?)

i am exhausted, been playing the betty crocker role for two days baking freaking cookies for my family and hubby’s family. i am horny as hell and have not had an orgasm since Wednesday. i chat off and on with expei, get to chat with cheffy and i work up my 26 year old sex fiend. by the evening i am in a foul mood and i just want to fall asleep.

while chatting with expei he keeps talking about not wearing panties and i have not done that on a regular basis in years. i remember it being easy access and i loved not buying underwear. it did feel naughty and boy was i a naughty girl during those years.

while checking emails and taking a break from baking, i started to look at porn. well one thing led to another and i have not pants or panties on and my shirt and bra pulled up over my breasts. i am masturbating like a mad woman. i was getting off on watching some lesbian porn. for some time it has not turned me on till lately (hmmmm, i wonder why…eh hem….bunny…eh hem). i was watching how this woman was fingering this younger girl who was sucking her breasts. this just got me so hot and i came violently. i sat there panting from such a rush. i thought i might be done and i was feeling better as my clit was throbbing with pleasure. however, i continued to look at porn and i was grinding my vibrator again. after my second orgasm i felt so much better and more energized. i decided to go the grocery store to get dinner ingredients.

putting my clothes back on i decided, what the heck, i am not going to put back on my panties. it felt naughty and sexy. walking around i could feel my ass shake more. i wonder if anyone could tell i was not wearing panties with tight ass jeans on? oh well.

i am walking around the store getting what i needed. i walked with a rock in my hips as they swayed from side to side. seducing any male that crossed my path. i had the look of just being fucked on my face and just reflecting on what i had just done a short time ago would crack a smile upon my face.

as i was standing in line to check out (for some reason we were there for a very long time). my mind was wondering. the man in front of me with the gallon of milk kept glancing back at me. i had shifted my body to one side as i stood there waiting. i could here a deep voice behind me. it sounded so wonderful and close. i wanted him to just grab my ass, because the only thing between his hand and my ass were those tight jeans. i did not care what he looked like, his voice turned me on and if i just bent forward the slightest he could have touched my swollen pussy. if he only knew that i would have allowed this, allowed him to just grope in me in public.

i think i will have to do the no underwear thing more often.

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