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pain equals pleasure
Monday February 06th 2006, 10:15 pm
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“get up here, i want that ass in my face.” he said

i reverse straddled him laying on the bed and grab the bottom of his feet. i position myself so my ass is within his reach and exactly where he wants it. he starts to punish my ass with hard, popping smacks.

did i do something wrong?…no
was he mad?…no
did i get off on this?…yes

in between hitting my exposed ass he would trace a finger from my ass to my pussy on the fabric of my thong. he would hit harder and harder and i did not yelp. i could feel myself drenching the fabric that barely covered my pussy.

he tugged the thong in between my swollen lips. i moved upwards with the pull. i wanted him to sink his fingers into me. yet, he kept spanking…and spanking.

i could feel the stings growing hotter and hotter. i started to pull after each smack. he was focusing on my right cheek. it was starting to burn with pain. i dare not complain, i wanted this and i did not want him to stop till he made me come. i would moan to each smack and answer every question diligently.

“yes…your ass is lit up red. you won’t be able to sit right tomorrow.” he said happily.

he pulled my thong to the side and teased my hard, wet clit. i started to move my ass to his teasing. i was aching for him to shove his fingers into me. he loved to tease me. i no longer could focus on the heat steaming from my freshly beaten ass. he was going to do it…i know he is going to and…he shoved two fingers deep inside my soaked cunt.

my moans turned into groans and worked deeper inside me. i started to pump his fingers. i was going to fuck them till i came. i pulled upwards, arching my back exposing my naked breasts. i started to fuck those two fingers deep inside me. he kept one hand on my ass, feeling the welts as i thrashed against his fingers. i could feel a surge within making its way to my mouth.

“i am going to come.” i said with every effort and energy i had left. i always tell him when i am going to come.

“come you bitch.” he said sternly.

with those words, i released and fell.

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