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Tuesday June 16th 2009, 1:55 am
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since i just ended my night with a self induced orgasm, i noticed lately when masturbating that i can only have one orgasm at a time. if i try for a second one immediately after, i get this plateau feeling. i used to be able to rack them out up past ten in well under five minutes. i wonder if it’s because i don’t masturbate as obsessively as i used to due to saving it up for my weekend sins. either way, it’s frustrating to actually have to wait a few minutes to get a proper orgasm. maybe i need to go back to masturbating excessively to get back into the swing of things since my sex drive seems to be on the rise again. ahh the joys of hormones and aging.

now i am thinking about one day being a cougar that is not into younger boys but the older ones. i don’t know the term and for some reason i probably don’t want to know it, so don’t tell me. i will just continue to enjoy my time with the older boys and call it a day.

note: HOWEVER, i do not seem to have a problem with multiple orgasms when i have a physical partner. it’s just the solo act that is baffling me at the moment. now i am thinking i might need to go back to phone sex because that always seem to do the trick of self inflicted multiple orgasms.

yes, i am up late. yes, this is a ramble. yes, i will end this now.

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Well now,isn’t that such an interesting problem to have?!

I too would like to know the term for a cougar who prefers older men as I think I may become one soon. How old does one have to be to qualify as a “cougar” anyway, hmmm?

Comment by Mimi 06.18.09 @ 6:55 pm

I too know the frustration of a multi-orgasmic woman who can only induce one orgasm for herself. Cruelty, to need his touch to bring forth more, when I cannot have his touch when I want it…

Comment by jrm 06.24.09 @ 9:26 pm

women who are attracted to older men are lolitas. and you become a cougar at 40

Comment by jesica rose 05.14.10 @ 6:34 pm

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