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Wednesday March 14th 2012, 10:38 pm
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This story comes with a little history lesson about me so I will get that out of away so it will flow properly.

I love being on top. I come intensely when I am riding a cock. There is a slight problem with me in this position…I can get very violent and I have punched my own husband in the face Californication style, except I punch better and harder than that girl on the show. I loosened Clark’s tooth and he just loves telling people how he may lose his tooth due to a punch in the face from his loving better half. I guess he’s proud that his wife can throw a punch and in the heat of passion.

Jon knows about this little incident so we both agreed a very long time ago that I would stay off of him since he is not into pain at all. Yes, I scratch and bite him up but I can’t control myself but at least we can keep a punch in the face from happening.

He was napping after our regular morning sex. I had only slept for a few minutes. It was his birthday and I wanted to wake him up with my mouth wrapped around his cock. I slid down the bed and pushed his cock in my mouth. I could tell he was awake and not really in a deep sleep. I moved between his thighs and proceeded to give him the raunchiest blowjob and I went above beyond the rules I wrote about. I suppose there could be a part 2 to “properly sucking a cock”. I could feel him about to come but it would subside. This happened several times and there are times when he just can’t come in the morning. However my sucking caused his cock to be very engorged and rather huge. All I could think about was stuffing his cock inside me. Then my mind flashed to that moment of sinking my cunt down on his cock. I started to tremble. I wanted to fuck him.

There was a moment of hesitation. I sat up and pushed up to his face and kissed him. He seemed alarmed by my out of behavior action. After I kissed him I sat up looking down at him, “Fuck me” I said with my hand wrapped around his cock.

I could tell he was tired, “Ok,” he whispered but I just sat there looking at him and he didn’t move. My body started to shake at the thought of riding him. Those few seconds of deciding on what to do, felt like an eternity. I pushed my leg across him and slid his cock in me in one motion. We both gasped at the same time and my nails immediately dug into his shoulders. I kept telling myself, “Don’t you fucking punch him, don’t fucking punch him!” as I pulled up and down on his cock. My body was already on edge at the thought of fucking him and I was teetering on an orgasm. His hands grabbed my hands from clawing at his flesh and I was lost as I fucked him slow and steady. I pulled upright and bent backwards trying to keep from falling off him. As I kept a pace, his cock kept hitting my g-spot and feeling this full length in me caused an eruption. Before I could react violently, I collapsed from him and writhed on the bed in the most intense orgasm I have had in a while.

While I was completely lost in twisting with my orgasm, he had gotten up and pushed himself between my legs. When I started to come down, he pushed his cock inside and I near screamed. My cunt clenched around him from my post orgasm contractions and this just sent more electric shocks through my body. Every thrust felt like a lash of lust. My body was in one long tremor. It didn’t take him long before I heard him groan and come inside me.

I guarantee you, I will be doing that again.

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There are vey few things that excite me more than a woman in control. Whether it’s a conversation, a work situation, a physical thing, etc., a woman who is confident enough to take the reigns in a situation always draws my attention. A woman being on top during a sexual encounter is another example of a situation that excites me.

Comment by Redertainment 03.15.12 @ 12:26 am

Red, that is awesome to hear. It had been years for me so it was exciting and nice again.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.15.12 @ 4:07 am

As I read your post I couldn’t help but to imagine a woman [perhaps you] straddling me and using me to gain her [your] release. Thanks for post!

Comment by Stafford Woods 03.15.12 @ 4:01 am

Stafford, One ex lover told me being on top was for “him” not “me” but I always begged to differ and why we are no longer together.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.15.12 @ 4:09 am

If this is a true lustful tale, then I am truly jealous … what you have described is a life long fantasy of mine that has yet to be fulfilled 🙁
Finding a Fem-Dom is a lot harder than I thought it wood be.
I luv ur lustfilled adventures, you turn me on with ur words….you truly are a very gifted and naughty woman 😉 I hope to someday, let me tongue explore both of your moist luv holes with my tongue. Like an eel lost at see

Comment by Manuel - submissive in training 03.15.12 @ 8:59 am

Your habit is one reason they make rope and cuffs.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 03.15.12 @ 1:28 pm

Hardin, I love how you boys always like to tie me down. I suppose you have your reasons.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.15.12 @ 1:39 pm

oh that was so yummmmmmy

Comment by georgette crush 03.15.12 @ 3:41 pm

Georgette, Thank you darling.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.15.12 @ 3:47 pm

I too have some of the best orgasms while riding a cock and being in control. Hot Hot Hot!

Comment by Mina 03.17.12 @ 12:34 pm

Thank you Miss Mina. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.17.12 @ 2:36 pm

1. Yes to Part 2.
2. Restraints.
3. I know what you can get me for my birthday. 😉

Comment by X 05.14.12 @ 8:34 pm

You boys and restraints. Why is that always the first thing a guy wants to do with me?

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 05.17.12 @ 10:34 am

Not the first. The sexond. You might enjoy it.

Comment by X 05.18.12 @ 1:17 am

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