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Sunday March 09th 2008, 3:58 am
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the ending of last year and beginning of this year has been plagued with “business” and doctor visits. needless to say it kept my mind not so saturated with filth. i am happy to say the “denial” phase i went through indeed proved to be efficient as i do not have anything to worry about per se.

i realize i am probably talking very vaguely and i do intend to do so.

with all the riff in my dark and deviant little world it has proved to be very sexless and almost null of orgasms. i feared it was a loss of “drive” and finally this peak i hit nearing thirty has finally headed towards the downslope. perhaps i am in denial about my peak, not being so peak.

i had a surgery on the 21st of last month that was supposed to be “out of the office for one day” and now *counting the days* it has been almost three weeks and i am still out of the office. i won’t go into details and i am fine for the most part. i had to mention the surgery because of the lack of orgasms.

painstakingly slowly i am healing. the nature of my surgery and complication impeded upon my ability to masturbate or even have sex. however, tonight i had this urge, this determination to get off. i sought out a new toy sent to me right before my surgery. it was the hitachi vibrator type of device. while watching porn and letting my mind run wild, on the lowest setting i carefully pushed it between my legs and pressed. one hand went to coach my strained muscle as i felt myself climbing in seconds. my legs tensed, my abs tensed and cautiously i came panting.

i pulled the vibrator from between my legs and caught my breath. i felt such a needed release and needed to do it again. again, i pushed the vibrating bulb againt my clit and let it hum relentlessly. the second orgasm came faster than the first and i grunted through the wave while clutching my wound in the hopes it would not knot up.

i thought the second orgasm would be the end as i shut the vibrator off again. yet, the dread of an even number made me ache for a third. i laid there thinking about how ridiculous this scene would have been. a convalescing deviant trying to get off AND trying for an odd number of orgasms due to some strange compulsion for odd numbers. i almost laughed at myself. instead, i smirked and turned the vibrator on a last time to get off. the third orgasm was very light as if my body was trying to save me from knotting up my muscle.

in my weeks of healing i finally felt sated. i felt lighter instead of heavy with pain and immobility. there is a light to this tunnel and i hope at the end it will lead me straight for the darkness where i operate at my norm. i cannot wait to be 100% again. i miss running, fucking, masturbating, hot baths, stretching and being flexible. i hope that day comes so very soon.

so this is where i stand or lay.

on a interesting note i have been contacted to have parts of my blog published in a book with other compilations. i hope this venture will be a stepping stone to perhaps a dedicated book written by me. we shall see. more details will follow as i get them. i just signed the ok for the publisher to use my posts.

it is funny because i never found myself to be a grammar worthy writer, i am very hard on myself when it comes to writing and why i have such painful lulls. so, i always have a sense of shock when someone “likes” my writing.

it’s hard to not sound like a broken record on a sex blog, especially after two full years.

i can’t can this, not yet. like i have said, i feel something in the air. perhaps it is spring and with spring there is always new beginnings.

i will leave it at that.

Thank you Always Aroused Girl for Fleshbotting this post.

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So nice to hear from you. Deep wishes for continued recovery.

Comment by Al Sensu 03.09.08 @ 4:47 am

Good luck with your recovery and healing. I loved the honesty of your masturbation session, the little compulsions you have. And congrats on the publication. I assure you, you deserve it.

Comment by Chris 03.09.08 @ 6:50 pm

i wish you a speedier recovery my Dark One. Congrats on the publishing offer! That must be sooo exciting! I would be thrilled! Here’s to hoping it does create that book you’d like to write.

Comment by Mina 03.09.08 @ 7:24 pm

very erotic. i love your writing style. gonna be checking out your blog a lot from now on.

Comment by the happy husband 03.10.08 @ 11:03 pm

good luck on a healthy healing process. and don’t forget the healing powers of sex.

Comment by Wants & Needs 03.11.08 @ 7:54 pm

just as “wants & needs “said sex has its points as to helping to heal ,hope you have had a speedy recovery

Comment by mactileman 03.22.08 @ 11:02 am

Hello, Gracie:
I’m sorry I’ve lost track of you.
I’m glad you’re on the mend & Congrats on publishing..
..very glad to hear that. I love your writing.
I’m at wordpress now, too.
Drop in whenever you like…
I’ll be back, hun.

Take care,

Comment by will69b 03.28.08 @ 12:01 am

Gracie, I have been reading you on and off for quite some time now. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend. Congrats on the publishing offer. I do hope to someday read a book by you. I am sure it will be amazing!

Comment by Diana 03.31.08 @ 7:16 pm

i send my best wishes and hope you are feeling better.

i guess if you can’t masturbate as you like – time to enjoy each and every mind fuck just a little more.


ps – can i get an autographed copy *wink* *nibble* *lick*

Comment by woodinhand 04.01.08 @ 9:21 pm

I am so sorry that you have been enduring so much…
I have good thoughts and vibes headed your way.
cumming back from surgery can be a bitch i know..
we are here for you

Comment by shibari 04.09.08 @ 12:24 pm

Glad to hear your are feeling better.


Comment by RaesSecret 04.21.08 @ 8:49 am

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