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number one hundred
Wednesday August 23rd 2006, 7:44 am
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i was sleeping when he woke up. he was playing with my pussy through my panties. in between the sleep world and reality i slowly moved to his slight touches. he was teasing me and i could feel myself getting wet. i was eager for more advances and yet he kept lightly rubbing or outlining. my wetness was now forming a wet spot on my panties and he pressed it against my opening. i am starting to lose my mind with my aching anticipation. i am starting to drench my panties.

pulling off my panties he sinks himself between my legs. i can not help but become more and more wet. i claw at his back and arms making sure not to hurt him. i pull him close to me wanting every inch of him deep within.

he pulled out and laid back on the bed. “get on top of me”, he calmly said. i could see his cock drenched with my wetness and seeping to his balls. i climbed up on top of him and sank down eagerly on his cock. i pushed him in and out of me. it is always such a chore to not come on that first insertion. however, then it was a mission to come on him violently. i grabbed on the head board as i grinded up and down on his cock. i could feel the intensity rising within. his composure was so relaxed as he fondled my nipples and breasts. i started to fuck harder and harder with the intensity building and mounting. i started to clench and shiver as my wave of pleasure coursed outward. i fell beside him and he got up.

“get on your knees” he said. his tone had changed it sounded much more stern. i could feel my cunt pulsing post orgasm.

sinking his cock deep inside me i groan. i am so tight as he shoves in and out of me. his words are filthy as he calls me a slut and a whore. he grips my waist roughly pulling me back hard on his cock. i felt myself drenching his cock as he started to pull almost all the way out and roughly back in. feeling his length going all the way and all the way out was arousing.

“open your mouth”, he growled. i opened my mouth and he shoved in my plug. it felt like a gag more then anything. laying almost into my throat. he proceeded to pound my cunt with my dildo. the first plunges stretched me to accommodate it. i groaned and bit down on the plug.

he pulls the plug from my mouth and pushes it into my ass. i groan loudly pushing my face into the bed as he continues to fuck my cunt with my ass stuffed. he pulls the dildo out and replaces it with his cock. i know he enjoys that plug pressing against his cock as he hammers into me.

“make your pussy tight” he snarls. “if you don’t make it tight i am going to fuck your ass.” after hearing that i really do not make any attempts to tighten my cunt. i am uncertain if this is just another empty threat.

he hissed and yanked out my plug while pulling his cock out of me. i feel a sense of panic and he presses against my ass. he forces himself inside my ass and fucks me violently. my body shudders as he forces himself inside me, stretching me. i grunt as he pushes in me without any remorse. he is barking dirty words to me “you like that bitch? you like that in the ass you whore?” i groan with his mounting and pushing me into the bed. i am utterly shocked at his actions and completely submissive. held down taking him in my ass, something he has avoided for years. i just never knew it would be today that he would break that record. him finally acting on his threats and i ignored the warnings from my gentlemen callers. nothing is no longer sacred and now i know anything is possible with him. yet, i love it…i loved it.

pulling out of me he easily pushes my plug back in. turns me over and fucks my cunt. my eyes roll as he pounds in me. i can feel the plug rubbing against his cock. my heart is racing and he pumps till he cums deep inside me. my plug slithers out and i rub my cunt with his cum that is seeping out. i love his warm, slippery cum on my clit. i feel like the true slut that i am. completely and utterly used. it has been a long time coming, but worth the wait.

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fuck that was hot

Comment by Monika 08.23.06 @ 9:07 am


Comment by Bunny Lebowski 08.23.06 @ 9:38 am


Comment by expei 08.23.06 @ 11:55 am

I hope it was well worth the wait.

Now, are you going to wait until 2012 before you get fucked in the ass again?

Comment by dirty thirties 08.23.06 @ 12:17 pm

There comes a time when the threat of action isn’t enough. The threat has no meaning if the target has every reason to believe that you will not follow through…

Glad you enjoyed.

Comment by Daemon 08.23.06 @ 3:14 pm

Fantastic … ! That was really some great fuck; wild, animalistic … Ass fucking is just such a great part of having wild and unlimited sex … In particular when you get to love it … Great post ! – A

Comment by Aragorn 08.24.06 @ 5:12 am

Damn that’s hot… glad you got one of those numbers fulfilled. 😉

Comment by LustDemon 08.24.06 @ 6:12 am

hot stuff!

Comment by dirty joke sir 08.24.06 @ 7:16 am

monika – why thank you!

bunny – hehe (pssst boston boys!)

expei – yessss

dirty – it was worth the wait. like christmas in august and 6 years late. hmmm i doubt i will be waiting that long for the next time.

daemon – you are absolutely correct. why i never give empty threats.

aragorn – thank you. i do prefer it to be animalistic. it is such a rush.

lustdemon – thank you and thank you for giving me your list of numbers from my previous post. you evil boy you. *lick*

dirty joke sir – thank you.

Comment by Gracie 08.24.06 @ 9:20 am

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