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Wednesday July 19th 2006, 10:16 am
Filed under: Masturbation

C left for home yesterday and cleared out before i made it home from work. as much as i love easy on the eye company, i do enjoy being nude and loud in my dwelling.

freshly bathed and laying on my back exhausted in the dark room, E laid the opposite and i could see he laid in such a way that he could see between my legs. with the glow of the tv behind my head i spread open my legs and let my fingers rub on my clit. i knew he was watching and i closed my eyes to enjoy my masturbation. i felt his fingers rub up and down the slit of my pussy. i kept rubbing and hoping he would sink a finger or two deep inside me. shortly after making such a wish he slipped a finger in my wet heat. i started to squirm and his finger pulled moans from my mouth. i kept rubbing and fucking his finger slowly. i could feel myself grow so tight around his finger and then release, i wanted to milk his finger inside me like a cock. i moved as if E was fucking me…ever so slowly. my back would arch every few thrusts and i had sweet orgasms that coated E’s finger. he slowly pulled out his finger and i felt the slippery wetness on his finger brush up against my fingers that were rubbing slowly.

i enjoy watching E jack off. it is a turn on to see him so hard and aroused. his hand moving up and down. just touching and squeezing a hard on is like a switch for me. i must have it inside me, i need to feel that hardness plunge deep and i want to come on it.

with that i have to stop, being at work this early in the day does not help for productivity and i am certain masturbating in the bathroom does not constitute as “work” per say.

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Hmmm … another lovely addition … Love the raw style, direct, explicit … great ! (and thanks for your visit to 69ways ;-). [LOL, the word verification now is “trasht”, probably reflecting how it left you after this sex session]

Comment by Aragorn 07.19.06 @ 6:43 pm

aragorn – why thank you…LOL “trasht” how appropriate.

Comment by Gracie 07.19.06 @ 6:49 pm

hmmmm ….. so vivid u showcase this strength of yrs.

trust me …. i will and am going to try out yr path.

Comment by kindabiz 07.19.06 @ 11:02 pm

A perfect way to start my day! I love when J uses his fingers as I play with myself. I can feel my juices now. Think I may just go upstairs for a while….

Comment by Jemima 07.20.06 @ 1:58 am

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