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nourish the monster
Monday October 16th 2006, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Masturbation

i had spent the evening reading, getting aroused and hungry for an orgasm to my sore cunt. it was the decision to rest my soreness or make it even worse with pain. i chose the latter.

what pushed me over that edge was that little “V” that popped into my chat window. knowing that i would be conversing with him sent a tingle to my clit. it was only a few lines of banter that had me needing to come, not just wanting…needing.

my hand travels down my skin to the thin fabric that kept me from touching my own wetness. i push it aside with my finger tips and let out a calming breath and a smile that i was indeed wet and it was a good wet too. i dipped my fingertips in my slippery wetness that pooled at my sore opening and slide them upwards to my hardening clit.

words were popping on the screen as quick as my mind races. there is this twisted connection as if he were reading my mind. tapping into the darkness that plagues my insides.

“hanging by the neck…”

“letting the blood trickle downward…”

“a river of blood dripping on to my waiting flesh…”

my heart is racing, my breath is ragged and my legs spread. small gasps that led to squeaky moans were filling the room. my fingers were rubbing as my body jolted at the words and my actions. i kept dipping my middle finger inside my cunt reveling in the perfect wetness that this interaction had caused. the pain was only an accent to the steady climb i was making.

i couldn’t type with one hand any longer as my eyes darted to the screen following the words like steps to the top. it could be strange for some to be getting off on mere words, but this was my playground and words were my tools and toys for this romp. my mind hungers for this as my body is the reaction to this mental fuck. i start to buck in my chair as my clit is hard with this desire that i want to milk from it. my eyes flutter and i come on my chair panting with such intensity my legs quiver and shake.i feel this calmness paint over me from head to toe. i feel like all is right for now. that small feeding to the dark part will hold me over for now.

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