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naughty holidays
Thursday December 21st 2006, 5:53 pm
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it seems to be that time of year again when all of a sudden there isn’t enough time to fuck. i was doing christmas cards this afternoon when E comes in with a hardon asking me, “do you need to those with that many clothes on?”

my body is exhausted and sleep deprived. i really do not answer as he puts his hand over my cunt and grabs through the jeans. this in and out with a grab happens several times.

“you know the longer you make me wait, the more violent i will become.” he keeps hissing at me all day. it is not that i am making him wait. i am forced to make him wait with all of these things to do.

the final “in” he pushes my jeans off and bends me over the bed. he presses his hard on right against my ass and fuck i can feel him so hard through the thin fabrics. he presses and presses to the point i think he could fuck my ass right then. he pushes my panties to the side and i can hear his zipper going down. he pushes his cock inside of my not-so-ready cunt and my eyes close. it has been so long and i keep having this rushing feeling wave over me over and over. i can’t come and i don’t drench. my mind just won’t let me enjoy this fully till i get my “list” done. dammit.

as much as i love the holidays, i also get a little grumpy just because i never allot enough time to do what i need to do each year. yeah it’s my fault but i need to write in “get fucked” a few times on that list so i don’t forget what that is like.

to all of my fellow deviant bloggers and loyal readers, i wish you a very twisted holidays. because once i am done with this looming list, i plan on ending the year with a bang or two. be safe, be happy and for god’s sake be naughty. life is too short to be hung up on right and wrong. i am all for hedonism with a touch of selflessness. so, as you take what is rightfully yours whether it is a cock or cunt or even both, please make sure to give to those in need (wow gracie with a voice of humanity, shhhh). happy holidays from gracie’s playground and hopefully you will see me around soon real soon (cursing this “list”).

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“it seems to be that time of year again when all of a sudden there isn’t enough time to fuck.”

And when IS there enough time to fuck? Hell, I hardly have enough time to jerk off.

heh, yeah WTF! i think i will have time tonight to fuck. i feel i accomplished a lot in 24 hours. *wink*

Comment by Al Sensu 12.21.06 @ 9:41 pm

Happy Holidays Gracie! I will try to make you proud this holiday season and be extra naughty just for you! You’ll be missed, but do enjoy yourself.

mmmm well that is a thought to keep me moving. thank you pan.


Comment by Pandora 12.21.06 @ 9:49 pm

So strange to find you in such a mood ! But it does happen.

But at least E got what he was craving for !

Its great to return back to read your very delicious write ups. God ….. I was terribly missing you soooo very much. After all, you are the Truth To My Personality !

And I have a dedication for you over at my place.

it happens so often K. i will have to poke over to your blog and see what you have written. *wink*

Comment by kindabiz 12.21.06 @ 11:46 pm

And very naughty Holiday deeds and images to you also Gracie!

Good luck with “The List”.

thank you W.

Comment by WoodInHand 12.22.06 @ 5:27 am

Have a great holiday and it has been my pleasure to stop by and read.

Oh yea baby… get hot, get raw, get buck ass wild!

thank you W.O.

i plan on getting hot, raw and buck ass wild. *wink*

Comment by Wild One 12.22.06 @ 8:18 am

Good luck with your list. And yes, add getting fucked on there! Multiple times! And you have a deviant holiday yourself.

thank you chris. i am tryin…oh am i tryin to make time and energy to get fucked.

Comment by Chris 12.22.06 @ 9:34 am

Good luck getting things done. I am struggling too- but I don’t think I will be able to relax until I “scratch what itches.” Sometimes you have to surrended to the need. Happy Holidays sexy!

i think you are right Bad Girl. so, i am going to try tonight. i need it so bad i think that is why i feel so flustered. thank you.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 12.22.06 @ 6:18 pm

Ummmm…I’ll second that. Happy Holidays, Gracie. I’m new here~~meaning, your blog!~~so, I’ll just say, I’m going to return. Really beautiful site you’ve got here. I’ll be reading again.

Take care..and, come say hi, anytime. I’ll be back.


Cain, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. i do appreciate that. i will have to check out your blog when i have some free time on my hands.

i hope you have a happy holidays as well.

Comment by Cain 12.23.06 @ 1:57 am

huggggggggg I hope the holiday season ending will give you time to relax.

thank you so much Ed, you are sweet.

Comment by Ed 12.24.06 @ 11:44 am

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