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NaNoWriMo Excerpt
Thursday November 25th 2010, 3:11 pm
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I just finished my novel for National Novel Writing Month and clocked in a cool 50,019 words. I have to admit the last few hundred words were tough as I thought I was surely going to pass the mark.

The following is an excerpt that I promised to post with one of the more taboo scenes, please keep in mind this is a terrible rough draft and I have not edited it or anything:

Tim started, “Ann and I were invited to William’s opening party at his loft. I was instructed to come by William and asked by Ann to attend. I already didn’t like the sound of this but Ann wanted me to see all the work that William did with her modeling efforts. “

“Uh huh”, Madison replied.

Tim continued, “We show up to his loft, Ann walked ahead of me, towards a table in the middle of the room and pulled her dress. She then laid face down on the table spreading her arms and legs towards restraints that were in all four corners of the table. Did I mention she had no bra or panties on?”

“Wow,” Madison belted out.

Tim chuckled, “That is only the beginning. There were other people standing around with drinks in their hands but then I soon realized they were all men and then I started to become uneasy. I saw a maze of easels that displayed naked portraits of my wife. She did look gorgeous in the paintings.”

“Oh,” Madison replied.

Tim pushed on, “I was then greeted by William who thanked me for coming and shook my hand firmly. He led me to a solo chair that had a very perfect view of the backside of Ann. I sat down and crossed my legs and observed what was going on in my view. William pulled Ann’s wrists and ankles into the cuffs and he whispered into her ear as he fastened the cuff around her wrist. He then clapped his hands. All the men gathered, there were about five and oh they made sure not to block my view of Ann who laid as still as can be on that table.”

“Hmm,” Madison throated as she was braking on and off in the traffic.

Tim paused for a moment, “William thanked everyone for joining in his opening of his latest project. He then removed his pants springing his cock free, pushed a condom and positioned himself behind Ann. He pressed a button on the side of the table that allowed him to tilt the table and probably for my sake to be able to see that he was going to fuck her. Ann was quiet and still as he pushed into her already and very wet cunt. He fucked her hard and she yelped with each thrust but this is where my nerves were very pressed and caused me to get up and leave. William pulled out of her cunt and started to press against her ass. I watched Ann’s face grow in fear and it must have been something that she did not know was going to happen. “

“Oh my God Tim…” Madison whispered.

“That’s not all my dear,” Tim replied. “William slowly forced his cock into Ann’s ass and she cried out when he pushed all the way in her. I saw her hands grip the restraints. She was in obvious discomfort and pain. I almost got up and pulled William off her but Ann told me no matter what happened to trust her and just watch. That was very hard to do and I was clenching and gritting my teeth. I am pretty sure there was an obvious snarl on my face. William was now full on fucking her ass and she squealed and grunted as he used her like a ragdoll. “

Tim paused for a minute. Madison felt helpless hearing Tim bearing himself to her and expressing thoughts and feelings that she probably never thought she would hear from him.

“After William finished he moved away from Ann and I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to other men in the room but a man already had a condom around his cock and was already pushing himself into Ann’s cunt. My mouth dropped open at my astonishment to the sight before my eyes.”

“Jeeesus,” Madison blurted.

Tim continued, “Basically each guy had his way with Ann’s cunt and apparently her ass was only for William. Either way I was not pleased at all with what I saw. After each man had their turn William had a robe, unfastened Ann’s restraints and helped her into the robe. She wobbled her way to me with her eyes to the floor and William walked away.”

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That’s completely delightful.

Congrats on the NANO effort! Did you end up with something you want to keep working on?

Comment by Guy New York 11.29.10 @ 12:07 pm

Thank you very much Guy. Yes the topic did not get boring nor old and yes there’s smut but it was a therapy that I needed to close some doors in the back of my mind.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.29.10 @ 12:15 pm

Congrats on getting all done. Can’t wait for the other parts to be revealed! You started off pretty hot-n-heavy. Mmmm!

Comment by Liras 12.01.10 @ 10:23 pm

Where can I find this book? 🙂

Comment by fetishchick 12.03.10 @ 8:40 pm

Hi Fetishchick, this is still in the works and not published just yet. Thank you for your inquiry. I’m very excited about it.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 12.04.10 @ 2:43 pm

Wow – would love to read the rest of this if you eventually publish. More excerpts would be welcome too 🙂

Comment by flowerotic 12.05.10 @ 9:15 pm

Thank you. I have one excerpt on Good Vibrations Magazine and one an another website but I can’t let that much leak if I am going to try to get it published. I will of course make it be known and available how I publish it and get it out there. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 12.05.10 @ 9:18 pm

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