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naked lazy sunday
Monday July 10th 2006, 4:40 pm
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each day it seems there is just something fun around the corner. e and i were in the kitchen yesterday morning. i was cleaning up and milling around. we were both naked and i am not sure how i deserved the following treatment. i am almost certain i said something smart to him.

the next thing i recall is me bent over our small table, my head pressed under his hand against the cool wood and his hands deep inside my cunt. i am gripping the edges of the table. he had forced my legs spread and i was on my tippy toes. he would take a few swipes at my ass and continue with fucking my cunt with his fingers. i then felt him push inside of me grabbing at my hips fucking me relentlessly.

i enjoy those lazy days when we are naked more then we are clothed. we fucked morning, noon and late night. it is one of those moments when one can appreciate not having kids or roommates to be able to lounge around naked touching, groping and fucking whenever needed.

we were watching a movie late last night. i was in my ritual thong with my head in his lap. he was rubbing and touching my back. soon, i really could not focus on the movie as i just secretly wanted his fingers on and in my pussy. i started to move my ass as his hand would near it and move back up my back. i glanced in the mirror and saw that he took notice to my movements, soon his mind was not on the movie. he paused the flick and dug his fingers inside me. i grinded against his fingers aching to come. my hand went underneath and i started to rub my clit. i could feel e’s fingers brush against mine as i rubbed till i came on his three fingers.

he told me to turn over as he got up to get a scarf. he wrapped it around my neck and started to squeeze it tightly. he pushed between my legs and shoved himself inside me dry. everything just slowed down as the scarf grew tighter and tighter around my neck. my eyes rolled back and fell shut. being in this state felt like being drunk, i could hear and feel but my eyes would not open. e fucked my limp body cumming inside me as he tugged violently on my nipples. my eyes would flicker open and shut. slowly i started to regain my limbs and enjoy the his cum seeping from my sore and used cunt.

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