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my victim
Monday September 18th 2006, 2:52 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

the silence of the night and the sounds of your footsteps make you feel uneasy. it is late and you had to wait for everyone to fall asleep before you made the great escape to my place. you almost did not come in fear you would not make it before sunrise. you almost did not get away with coming home late one night from sneaking out the night before. you used a work emergency to smooth that over. you had to be every to tactful to hide the marks i had left on you.

“you’re such a fucking slut.” that rings in your head over and over. like you are hypnotised by my cunt.

what pulled you out into the dead of night was an email that came in at midnight reading:

come to my place when all is dead asleep. no promises, just show up. the door will be opened for you.


you have revenge on your mind.

“no promises,” you mumble as you hit the walkway to my house. “you cunt, i will get mine tonight.”

the door is hardly closed as you ease it open. a small creek is all you hear as you walk in. it is dark in the house and you see a tiny faint glow from the hallway. you make your way to my bedroom. the silence is eerie as normally you would be hearing me moaning and groaning with masturbation or fucking another human(s) for you to watch in misery. this was different.

as you near the door you can detect a heavy scent of sex seeping from the door. your cock twitches. you can smell me, you grab at your cock to calm it. no need to get worked up yet. the room is so dark you cannot make out anything but smell a heavy aroma of fresh fucking. the room is warm as you enter the cave.

you feel a hard hit to your face. lip busted. blood oozing. your eyes have not adjusted to the light. that was no punch from me. that was a man’s fist that hit your square in the face. your mind is racing as you taste your blood in your mouth. another punch to your stomach and the wind is knocked out of you. as you bend forward grabbing for air a hand on the back of your neck grabs you. you are being pushed forward. you try to grasp the air and yet fight this man handling treatment.

“what the….” you blurt out gasping.


a man’s hand meets the side of your face. you decide not to speak. as you try to fight, you can tell the strength of these men are beyond yours. your hands are cuffed in metal cuffs behind your back. your face pushed into the bed. in a wet spot. my wet spot. you can smell my cunt juices right in your face. your cock twitches, but there is erotic confusion as your pants are being ripped down. i bet you wish you wore underwear tonight huh baby?

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