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my victim III
Friday September 22nd 2006, 7:44 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

the rhythm of you being fucked is like a machine. as the man behind you pushes you off his cock the man in front of you is sinking his deep in your throat. the leash is what keeps you upward as it chokes you from the man fucking your cunt.

the fucking behind you slows down. you think this man is about to cum in your cunt. you feel a second pair of hands grab your cuffed wrists together.

“OH FUCK,” you scream inside your mind.

you feel another cock head press against your cunt. there is not sweetness to his actions as he forces his way inside of you. you know now you have been ripped to accommodate these two cocks. your blood starts to lubricate their cocks for their enjoyment. both cocks fuck you in unison and the pain on your body has increased if that was even possible at this rate. the second man tugs you back on your cuffs almost ripping your arms out of their sockets.

your groans of pain only heighten the enjoyment of the man in front of you. your throat humming on his cock head.

“oh yeah you little cum slut, humm on my cock you bitch,” he groans at you. his thrusts are growing harder and slow down.

you sense what is to happen next as another cock presses against the seal of your mouth.

“open up bitch or we will cut you open,” the first man hisses at you as he grabs a handful of hair at the top of your head and yanking back.

you open your mouth as wide as you can. the second man pushes his cock in and you feel your lips rip and crack. your mouth starts to rip as it is forced to welcome two cocks. your eyes are watering from this severe pain. the taste of blood, ass and cum slither down your throat. you almost vomit because you are unsure if that ass taste is mine or not.

“MMMMMMMM, UHHHHHHHH!” you hear to your left. you hear me coming with an intensity you have not heard before. your cock twitches again. this could not be happening. you can hardly breathe. you cannot even cry it out in pain. but it is in your eyes baby. your bulging, watering eyes. you keep blinking hoping that when they opened again this would just be all over with.

“goddamn baby, you looked stuffed,” i breathlessly coo.

you are startled and you look to the left. one of the men fucking your mouth grabs you and faces you straight.

“i swore you liked women, no?” i hiss. “if you like women why are being fucked by four men? hmmmm are you just a fag baby?”

you want to snarl and wish you could punch me. but either is out of the question at the moment.

“oooo and your cock is hard,” as i reached down to feel you. “damn baby, i thought i was enough for you. maybe we need to find you a male dom hmmm? such a shame, i was having so much fun with you.”

i stroke your cock in an aimless fashion, “sooo my little fag slut. what should i do with you hmmmm? oh? what’s that? you wanna have some breath play while your cunt and mouth get fucked? oh baby i dunno, are you sure? okayyy.”

you to make objections with your throat, but with two cocks in it, it just sounds like you are humming their cock heads for them.

my left hand comes up to your nose. you can smell fresh cunt juices on it. i keep slowly stroking your cock as i pinch your nose shut. i can’t see colors, but i can tell your eyes are bulging even more as your cock twitches in my hands. also judging from the two gents pounding your cunt you must have clenched around them as i hear them groaning. i wait a few more seconds and let your nose free. your nostrils flare rapidly as you try to get some breath. your cock is leaking pre cum on my hands as i tighten my grip around your hardness.

“okay boys, it is time to make your deposits into this fag slut. i think she has had enough of your raging cocks.”

just as i said the word “cocks” i pinch your nose again. the two men in the back fucking your cunt simultaneously spurt their cum loads deep in your bleeding cunt. one pulls out quickly while the other one stays inside of you spasming and gripping your hips with a burn. he slowly pulls out.

i can feel your stomach heaving for air as your eyes flutter. the two men in front feel the pressure and both shot their thick loads straight down your throat. not all of it makes it down as your body is fighting for air. they pull out and the cum dribbles down your chin and at that very moment you cum in my hand with a long drawn out groan. you look my way, fall over and pass out.

you open your eyes and all you see is a blur. you see a profile, it must be me you think. your arms are no longer cuffed behind your back and you feel pillows under your head.

i am watching you come to as i am nursing your wounds. what you did not know is i had lapped up the wet blood that i could find on you along with the loose cum that dripped on to your body. you are laying there naked, cut up and bruised.

“you are such a treasure baby,” i whisper in your ear. “you can’t move right now because you need to rest baby. lemme take care of you for now. this way you cannot seek revenge just yet.”

a loving grin forms on my face as you close your eyes and sleep.

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my fingers tremble wordless at the pain of true lust.

Comment by woodinhand 09.30.06 @ 9:09 pm

again I have no words for these posts.. just wow.. and an understanding of how delicate a relationship such as this truly is.

i am not sure if it is delicate and more so a trust that we give each other what we crave as we urge the other to go deeper down into this dark abyss where not many dare even to consider.

Comment by pandora 11.29.06 @ 8:31 pm

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