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my victim II
Wednesday September 20th 2006, 7:41 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

this could not be happening you are thinking. your face is throbbing along with the cramp in your stomach muscles. there will be bruising. that is the least of your worries as your feet are kicked apart and you pants around your ankles.

a hand grabs the handful of your hair and pulls you upright and arching your backwards. you feel a sharp blade press against your neck. you can feel it cutting into your flesh with a trickle of blood racing downward. you try to settle your breathing so that your throat is not pressing even harder into the blade.

“baby,” i whisper close to your ear. you are startled by my voice. you let out a hiss. “i want you to be a good slut tonight. i have some friends that need some….release,” i linger in your ear with the whip of a tongue to your lobe. “i know you can’t see them baby, that is the point. i don’t want you doing anything stupid if you see them on the street.”

my hand grazes up your shirt to your nipple. i tug on it. your cock twitches.

“mmmmm, my slut, you are such a good boy. i could fuck your right now but….” as i break from your ear. “i think you will be pretty busy.”

you dare not speak as the knife is burning the cut. one slight move and you are dead. that is not the move you want to be making right now. however, there is the notion you may rather be dead after what is in store for you.

the knife moves away from your throat and a collar is put in its place. it is a two inch collar and keeps your head up. the leather burns your fresh cut. you feel a tongue run up the center of your chest.

“mmmmm had to taste you baby before i left,” i coo. “don’t worry i will come back for you.” i say with a slight giggle.

your mind i racing. “WHAT THE FUCK!” you scream in your head.

“ahhh baby, come on, you know me better then that,” i slither. “i am going to sit back in my nice comfy chair with my legs draped over each arm masturbating while…you…have…fun. of course i don’t want to give any of it away baby. the fun it is not knowing…isn’t that right baby?”

you face reddens with furry. this is complete and utter bullshit you are yelling in your mind. you are unsure how many bodies are in the room. you can sense by the breathing and moving that there are more then a couple. you are pretty much guessing these guys are fucking you. not your idea of a night with me. all you can smell is your blood and my cunt. your cock cannot help but to hard on at your senses being triggered with blood lust.


a leash is fastened to your collar. you are yanked upward. you feel the knife search for the neckline of your shirt and the point presses against the center of your collar bone. your shirt is cut off in one downward swipe with the point dragging down the center of your chest to your stomach shy of your cock. you hiss in pain and it is not loud with the collar tight around you neck. it feels like a constant hand choking you ever so slightly.

your breathing is growing nervous. you have never been handled like this…no one else but me. you are unsure if these men are going to even care about marks or your safety. it is pretty apparent they are not with those welcome punches and the fresh cuts on your flesh.

you wish you could at least see me. you don’t even trust that i am in the room. you nose is tainted with my cunt scent and blood.


you are pulled downward again. you feel someone standing behind you. you feel a fleshy cock head press against you. you start to snarl and growl as he just pushes into your ass without and lube. you scream in agony as he just pounds your cunt relentlessly. his hands grip your hips hard as he vibrates your body causing your teeth to chatter.

as he pounds you grunting and moaning you feel a cock press your lips. your teeth are clenched shut.


a hard slap to your face causes you to part your mouth. the hand grabs under your chin forcing your mouth open.

“you bite me slut, i will fucking cut your cock off,” his deep voice snarls. “understand cum slut?”

you nod your head yes. as you open your mouth in an “O” for his cock. he shoves it straight to the back of your throat. you gag and he grabs the back of your head and fucks your mouth. you can taste my cunt and his semen on his cock, it was not very fresh, kinda dried on his cock. saliva is seeping from your mouth and running down your chin. this is far more then what you bargained for. you are cursing yourself for constantly telling me shit when your blood is not in your brain. you never learn your lesson as my cunt drives and commands you.

you hear me moaning to your left side. your cock twitches slightly. it is pressing against the edge of the bed. you feel like you could cum with the force behind you. you don’t want to cum, this is such a horrible experience and you feel so ashamed that you even have a hard on as your ass and mouth are being raped by some pigs. your eyes start to water from the pain. you wish this wasn’t happening to you now. talking and reality are definitely two different things.

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