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my rag doll
Thursday November 09th 2006, 9:34 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“i don’t know what it is about you,” i say in a trance. “i believe that our chemistry is in such a way that really could destroy us,” as i push my exacto knife tip into your flesh deep. your hissing tells me it is not deep enough, i push harder. when i hear your groan from you abdomen i know it is just right. “mmmmmmmmm, i like that,” as the blade pulls downward making a deep incision.

i watch the blood run rapidly from the fresh cut. the thick line runs downward and my tongue closes in on the path. you gasp as i lick the escaping trail of dark red. the side of my tongue brushes against your balls and your cock twitches.

“mmmmm you taste sweet baby.”

my saliva and your seeping blood mix together on your flesh. i drag the tip of the blade around your balls and up and down your cock.

“i wouldn’t twitch so much if i were you, you may hurt yourself slamming into my blade,” i warn. “of course i wouldn’t care if you cut your cock, but i am sure you would.”

i can see the concentration in your face to try to keep from the arousal of my sharp object poking and prodding your skin. i pull your legs closer together as i straddle your knees.

“you know as much as i love your cock…” i grip your hard on tightly and your mouth opens. “i equally love that cunt baby.” i shove your cock between your legs tucking it as i push your legs closed with my thighs holding your make shift cunt in place. i can feel you shuddering under beneath me.

“such a slut.” i start to move down towards your cunt. i see you suck in a breath of air with anticipation and the hope i would lick that clit of yours. my tongues goes for the sticky wound as i tongue the swelling flesh.

i lean back upwards and stare down at you with a wicked grin. i reach for unraveled tool kit that houses all my sharp and shiny toys. i love the glisten of the steel against the light. i pull out a needle and black medical thread. i watch your eyes grow big and round as i sit there calmly threading the needle.

“heh, yeah that cut was pretty deep, i need to stitch it up. ohh you know better then for me to worry about your safety.” i laugh. “i am merely doing this because i want to see what you looked like dementedly stitched up like my rag doll.”

you start to squirm and shift. “yeah i thought you would dig that you fucking pain slut.” i pull the thread through the needle eye and feed the length through doubling up the thread. “i am sure i am doing this all complete inappropriately, but i am sure you will forgive my lack of medical skill and knowledge. i really did not have the time nor patience to read up on this since i couldn’t keep my fingers out of my wet cunt long enough.”

i pull a bottle of alcohol out as i douse the needle and thread with attempts to keep things sterile. i can see your breathing is picking up from nerves. i know your cock is throbbing hard and i can almost bet you could cum at any given moment.

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Comment by Anonymous 11.09.06 @ 9:58 pm

i would love to be your rag doll

Comment by Pandora 11.10.06 @ 12:23 pm

Devious, malicious, wicked, cruel, self-serving. Thumbs up to you.

thank you. i will tell you V wanted it, he is the one that sparks the words that flow on to these pages.

Comment by Liras 12.01.06 @ 1:22 am

V is a rare man indeed. How many hours can you while away with such as he?

Comment by princess 12.01.06 @ 5:22 pm

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