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my rag doll II
Saturday November 18th 2006, 10:22 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“there are so many different ways to sew baby. i know i am going to do this all wrong as i have seen those doctors using those curved needles and i am sure there is a reason for all of it.”

i start to close in and i watch your stomach sink inwards holding your breath. “yeah this may hurt,” i say in a concentrated tone.

pressing the tip of the needle against your swelling incision. i grab the cut and squeeze it together with my free hand as i puncture your flesh. you hiss and curse, “FUCK!”. i watch as your hands grip the sheets and i don’t hesitate with my fluid action. i start to sew up the small incision with the black thread lacing so perfectly over the red cut.

“sewing clothes and flesh are two completely different things.” i make the last tug and watch you flinch with pain. there is sweat beading on your forehead. “i am proud of you letting me do that without tying you down baby. mmmmm i wanna do another one…..longer this time.”

your eyes dart at mine pleading. you start to shake your head from side to side and i do one nod up and down. your eyes give in immediately and you shift between my legs again.

“uh huh my bitch, you know you want it just as bad as i want to inflict it. you like any kind of attention from me don’t you?” i pull out a clean scalpel. “you hate it when i ignore you and make you just sit there like a lifeless object huh?”

you look at me with childlike eyes, big and round. you know better then to answer.

“hmmmmm where should i cut ya baby?” i look at your body and my eyes keep darting back to my sewn handy work. looking at it makes me grind into your thighs. i can feel my wetness exchanging on to your skin. i start to scoot down your legs, dragging my soaked cunt with my mouth inches from your cunt. i look up at you and see your neck craning to see where my mouth goes. i grin at you ever so wickedly and give your clit a quick flick of my tongue. your head falls back to the bed and you moan.

i drag the tip of the cold scalpel over your cunt and your skin bumps up as your breathing grows nervous. your skin bumps up as i make delicate cuts across your thigh. i watch in a daze as the thin lines of red grow darker and darker. i push the scalpel into the top of your thigh dragging the incision several inches.the thick blood pools out searching for the bed. my tongue traps the trail as i lick upwards towards the source. i glance up at you and see you teeth clenched and your chest heaving.

“mmmmmm goddamn baby i wanna just drain you.”

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Oh I love the new place!

thank you pan! glad you made it.

Comment by pandora 11.19.06 @ 4:06 pm

I had to turn my pretty head away for just a moment as I resd this. Good work, my sweet, very very good work.

my sweet angel, i would hate for your beautiful light to have to turn away from my words on your screen.

Comment by Liras 12.01.06 @ 1:29 am

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