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my place, his purpose
Thursday September 14th 2006, 3:10 pm
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i was slowly pulling up a pair of pantyhose that E had picked out for me. his hand was slowly trailing up my ankle, my knee to my thigh. i wiggled on the last bit and he starred at me.

“i want to use and abuse you,” he whispered in a trance.

my lips parted as i starred up at him big eyed. i wanted to hurt and i wanted him to do it. i was already flustered with him, earlier he came up behind me while i was the computer whispering filth in my ear, sucking my ear, biting and sucking my neck. if he wanted a piece of flesh i would have given it to him. i felt so seduced, i was at his will. i was put on this earth for him. to please him, to let him use me in such a way that god would turn away. it was the moment of surrender and my body was his toy. i did not care what he did to me as long as he was doing it. his hands on me, giving me any kind of attention. i wanted it all from him.

“i spent all day jacking off your photos,” he whispers as he lays beside me. “that guy wants to suck on your tits, fuck you and use you.”

i am squirming. i am getting wet as his hands roam the pantyhose laden skin. his hand reaches my cunt.

“your so hot, i can feel it,” he slurs into my chest as he sucks and bites.

his hand down the pantyhose and to my cunt. he traces the lips with this fingertips and i moan with need. my body begging him to go inside, feel the internal heat. his fingers slip in. my back arches and i feel i am melting to his touch. he keeps telling me filth and i cannot help but let my cunt react to all of it. he rips a hole in the pantyhose. i twitch with anticipation.

“you are such a fucking slut,” he hisses.

his tongue hits my clit. i writhe, gasp, moan, goddamn. he pushes in the dildo while he licks. i lose it and buck against his tongue. squeezing my thighs against his head pushing his tongue against me. i grabbed the back of his head, i knew i shouldn’t and i would fight against it but the animal in me wanted his head buried in my cunt. i almost wanted suffocate him. i was panting on the edge of coming on his tongue. heaving, squirming…he turns me over.

my face was pressed against the bed with my ass in the air. i feel warm fluid hit my asshole and run down to my cunt. he presses in my plug, how easily it now goes in. he always says “yeahhh” when it goes in. he likes making me utterly submissive to him. that ultimate domination for him. he pushes his cock in me while looping a scarf around my neck. he pulls it and grips what he can of the pantyhose and rides my cunt like taming an animal. the constant tightening of my neck makes me more and more wet. small moans escape my throat as he fucks me, using my fuck hole for his pleasure. i took him minute after minute. he railed me in and out to a rhythm he commanded. i feel him twitch and he cums deep inside my cunt. he stands there with his hands on my ass as he is catching his breath. he stays inside of me as i try to milk him with my cunt.

he slowly pulls out and replaces his cock with my dildo. he hands me my vibrator. he controls the vibrations as i press it against my clit. he fucks my cum soaked cunt as i grind my vibrator. he pinches and spanks my ass. within minutes i am gasping, moaning and screaming. it was so long and delicious. i laid there spent and gasping for air.

mmmmm today i am raw and sore. i could come again…right now.

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mmmm once again you delight us with your nastyness. I love it!

Comment by Lola 09.14.06 @ 8:54 pm

Please cummmm again ……

hmmm … E has got you down to be his submissive lover and yr sexual joy at that makes me feel much hotter !!!!

Cum Again … now … need to know more !

Comment by kindabiz 09.14.06 @ 8:56 pm

Oh you are so lucky!

Comment by Pandora 09.14.06 @ 10:25 pm

I certainly feel like cumming after reading that.

I do love the vibrator-and-dildo combination. I can cum so harddddd . . .

Comment by Cherrie 09.14.06 @ 10:54 pm

the only question is did you cum again? smiles. Hot stuff as always. mmmmmm

Comment by expei 09.15.06 @ 4:24 am

very very hot…wow

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.15.06 @ 9:14 am

awesome, u made me hard, and she has crawled up to me sitting between my legs she’s just licking the shaft
oh thank you !

Comment by hardasabullet 09.15.06 @ 10:32 am

Sitting here in the office with a unrelenting boner. I do miss a good lover.

Comment by woodinhand 09.15.06 @ 11:29 am

Mmmm, pantyhose will do that to some people.

Comment by single gal 09.16.06 @ 10:54 am

lola – why thank you.

kindabiz – ha ha, yesss i did cum again….and again.

pandora – i feel blessed.

cherrie – mmmmm yess.

expei – there is always room for another one my dear.

ed – thank you love.

hardasabullet – mmmm now that is hot!

woodinhand – mmmm i like to hear that.

single gal – mmhmm especially E, that naughty boy.

Comment by Gracie 09.16.06 @ 2:40 pm

you’re a dirty hoe but we still love ya

Comment by meow 06.19.08 @ 12:57 pm

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