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my pet VI
Thursday October 05th 2006, 8:35 pm
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without even the slightest flinch from my face a something covers your face tight. you gasp for air. at the some moment my cock shoves back into your cunt.

i start laughing.

“fuck my pet i can see the outlines of your face in that cut off piece of latex from my suit. aren’t you a goddamn site,” i scowl.

the latex sucks into your nose and mouth as you feel your lungs burn and your mind races. your arms start to move about and they are quickly pinned by arms along with your legs. you can feel timid girl’s cunt drench on the back of your neck. she must be enjoying what she sees.

“yeah clench that cock baby…goddamn i can barely fuck you right now,” i hiss.

your body starts to convulse and you are freed from the black latex mask. you gasp like a fish out of water. your eyes wide and big. you cannot focus on anything as you pull in the musty air into your lungs. your heart races while i keep the rhythm of fucking you.

you start to sit upward to get more air and the latex drapes your gaping face. the cock goes in and out of you faster and faster. i grab your cock and give it a squeeze and a hard yank. your stomach tries to breathe and faster and faster i fuck you and jack you off. right when you feel like it is your last seconds on earth you cum and the latex is lifted from your face. you let out a scream as you gasp for more filthy air.

i pull out of you laughing watching you try to regain yourself…try to be a human breathing air. sweat drips down your face and your body is shaking from the lack of oxygen. i unfasten the harness and throw it at you.

“have fun being sold pet,” i say a matter of factly to you as i walk out the door.

your mind races as you are yanked to your feet. you sway shakily on your feet. there is no compassion as you are dragged out of the thick, hot room. you are pulled back down the hallway back tracking to the waiting wall.

the big waiting room looks different as one wall is lined up with pets for sale. everyone in the room is facing the wall as an auctioneer in black leather with a riding crop walks around randomly smacking the waiting pets to be sold. you scan the room looking for me, but there are far too many bodies to comb through.

“is this fucking really happening?” you think to yourself as it feels the sweat does not stop dripping down your face. your breathing very slowly catches up but the fact that you are being sold does not help your body nor mind.

you are locked into to another ring anchored into the cement wall. you look down as what seems to be hundreds of eyes on you. it is loud as people scream out offers for the current pet for sale. he is standing on a block as the auctioneer holds his leash going for higher and higher bids.

“SOLD!” screams the auctioneer into the mic.

she yanks the pet from the block and hands the leash to a staff member. the pet is then walked to the side of the crowd as the new owner comes around and takes the leash and out the room they go. however, they are not going out a hallway, but out of the club exit.

your heart races. “no fucking way,” you think. that phrase keeps repeating in your mind. “this is just a game,” you ponder. “she couldn’t give me up like that, no fucking way grace would do this to me.” your skin starts to crawl with goosebumps. “she knows i couldn’t do this…i…just…can’t.”

before you know it and can even mentally prepare for this moment you are yanked forward as the crowd cheers. you are pulled u on the block.

“okay my pretties, this is number thirty fiiiiive. he is being sold be his owner. she has checked off every thing on the list here..ooooooo what a pet!” the auctioneer exclaims. “we will start the bid at fiiiiive thousand!”

you start to fume. you can just image what that check off list could entail. “goddamn that fucking bitch,” you scream in your mind. for all you know i could have checked off you loved scat play and enjoyed drinking rat blood. you could imagine me in the back of the crowd laughing myself silly with such an announcement.

“do i hear teennnn thousand for this treasure of a pet?” the auctioneer purrs as she smacks you good and hard on the chest with the riding crop.

you hiss at the pain as a hand goes up. you see the battle is between a man and a woman. secretly you hope the woman wins as perhaps she would be nicer to you then the man.

“SOLD!” screams the auctioneer in excitement. “sold to the man in black!”

you are yanked down from the block and led to the end of the wall. you start to shake in fear as he comes up and grabs your leash pulling you towards the exit. you glance backwards waiting for me to come running laughing it was all a game.


“FUCK!” you scream in your mind.

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