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Wednesday October 04th 2006, 7:48 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

you look up at me and get to your feet with your cock twitching and leaking pre cum. you follow close behind me as you can start to see the detail of the mess this girl has been exposed to. i turn to you.

“baby, you know what i want you to do hmmmm?” i whisper close in your ear.

“yes,” you say with slight hesitation.

you crawl on the bed in between her shivering legs. she starts to whimper as she thinks you are going to sink your hard cock into some messy and stretched hole of hers. to add to the effect you actually hover over her body giving her the impression you are going to mount her. she whimpers louder as your face draws near hers, you smirk as your cock starts to drip pre cum on top of her cunt. she twitches as she feels the hot drops hit her sensitive flesh. you bend down and smell the side of her face giving it a lick. she squeals with fear and you gently laugh so only she can hear it and she squeals a little louder. your mouth goes to her neck as you gently bit and you know better with me watching behind you that you better not grind your cock into her. she starts to cry as your teeth tightly grip her flesh. you almost want to bite her, there isn’t enough time.

slowly you trail down towards her messy and drying cunt. you dread this part. you have had your fill of men’s cum tonight. as you settle with your head between your legs dreading this thick layer of mess her breathing has slowed and almost calmed down. you place your hands on her flat and smooth stomach and dig your nails in her just to get her whimpering again. as you feel her stomach flutter under your finger tips you take that first sweeping lick. you almost gag as you force it down. you lick quickly to get to her cunt. her stomach still flutters with slight pleasure mixed with nerves now. her cunt is nice, pink and bald as you lick away the thick layers. your tongue creeps down towards her ass hole as you lick the cum that has escaped from her cunt.

the bed shifts and i am behind you. you don’t stop your task at hand as my cock head presses into your cunt. your tongue positions so the opening in her slit. i start fucking you and you start to fuck her cunt with your tongue. small moans escape her swollen mouth as loud grunts jet from your throat into her cunt as i start to fuck you hard. your cock continues to twitch and leak as your cunt is stretched to take in my fleshy, pink cock. my hand reaches down and squeezes your balls so fucking tight you stop your licking and his between clenched teeth.

“lick her cunt bitch!” i groan with a snarl.

you try to lick her cunt as my grip is not letting up. your licks are rigid and forced. you look upward at her and she is starring intently down at you. you double take as you swear she is now slightly smiling. you hiss as my nails dig into your hip and into your balls. your head jerks back with a scream of agony.

“mmmm yeah pet, squeal for me, squeal like a goddamn pig you filthy slut. you are a goddamn cum bucket licking up all that cum you fucking faggot,” i hiss at you in anger spitting on your ass.

“look at you baby! you are taking a cock in your cunt like a fucking fairy and licking up cum like a gutter whore! i bet you don’t even need me anymore, you just want some cock in your ass!” i yell at you as i pound your fucking cunt without remorse as your body thrashes back as your screams grow louder as my nails start to draw blood from your skin.

“turn over you fucker!” i yell pushing you over.

you don’t hesitate as you lay on your back with your head resting against timid girl’s bald cunt. you can feel her press into the back of your head. you can see the rage and darkness in my face as i stare down at you without any love or affection. you see my lip curl and my eyes squint as if with deep hatred and destruction. your heart starts to race as i have not made the slightest move.

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oh my ….. so bloody dirty and filled with rage …..

Comment by kindabiz 10.05.06 @ 10:07 pm

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