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my pet IV
Tuesday October 03rd 2006, 1:16 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i get up and walk across the room fidgeting with something you assume is a harness. a staff member unlocks you from your position and removes the collar from your neck.

“up”, the female voice says sternly as she yanks up on your leash causing you cock to ache now.

you get up and look at the staff member. this one is a “she” with impressive thick soled black boots. she leads you towards me as i am sitting on the back on another pet slave. you see my legs spread baring a rather impressive cock strapped to my body. my cunt glistening with cum.

“come here baby,” i coo as the staff member hands me your leash.

you stand before me starring intently at my huge pink cock. the girth and length is very impressive from your view.

“lick my cunt baby, clean me,” i say as i yank downward roughly.

watching you face in your painful agony causes me to drip more from my cunt not to mention the growing grin on my face.

you kneel down and start licking my multi-men cum ridden cunt. you almost gag at the not familiar tastes. you keep thinking somewhere under this mess is a cunt you desire and long for. my hand strokes my hard cock as you lick and suck up the mess.

“mmmm my pet, what a slut you are licking me like i had vanilla pudding between my legs,” i giggle.

you want to bite but know much better then to do so with so many staff member lingering about.

“like my cock pet, it’s bigger then yours,” i giggle more. “suck my cock slut.”

you don’t want to do this in front of all to see. you hesitate as your tongue creeps back into your mouth.

“she said suck her cock you piece of shit!” a hand grabs your neck and pushes it upward towards the cock head.

your mouth opens barely to take in the realistic cock head. it feels fleshy and has a salty taste to it.

“look at me while you suck my cock slut,” i snarl. “it seems you are not such a good pet after all hmmm? you still need some training.”

your eyes meet mine with innocence and some pleading. i combat your glance with a sinister look that gets darker and darker. you start to take the cock slowly in your mouth as your hand grips the base of the cock. my cunt only a small touch away. your aching cock twitches again.

behind you, there is a familiar whimpering noise coming into the room. out the corner of your eye you see it is the pet slave that was standing next to you in the large waiting room. she is being resistant as she is dragged in. the staff member gets he towards the black bed and slaps her hard with his back hand across her face. she falls on her back to the bed with a light thud. he chains her spread on the bed. she is crying quietly as the staff member walks away. you stare back at my face and see my tongue sneak from my lips licking with want. your cock twitches again.

“doesn’t she look good enough to cut hmmm?” i say dreamily still watching her with lioness eyes. “go down all the way you goddamn slut!” as i snap out of my lust state.

you work the fleshy realistic cock into your mouth. you are gagging on the length and your mouth is aching from working it up and down.

“i bet you wish it were a real cock huh baby?” i hiss. “i know you would rather have the real thing cumming in your whorish mouth huh? fucking goddamn slut.”

i pull your head off my cock and let it rest on my thigh. i start to stroke through your hair as i turn back to the center of the room. the human chair i am sitting on shifts a little.

“stay the fuck still you piece of shit!” i hammer at the man chair while reaching down and yanking his balls. he makes a stifling moaning sound. you smile into my thigh.

you and i watch the center of the room as a muscular man with a mask on comes in with a large hard on and going straight for the timid girl. he crawls between her legs and pounds her with a purpose. he is not there for her pleasure and uncertain about his as he is methodical and mechanical in his actions. she starts to squirm and scream. he slaps across the face grabbing her mouth with a grip it looked as if he could snap her without flinching. she quickly became quiet as he railed her making the bed move with such a force. he came with a mere grunt and removed himself and left with the same power as his entrance. the girl turned her head and cried that familiar cry. you and i both grin and we both know each other is grinning without checking.

we watch for several episodes of different types of men coming and leaving the room fucking her as she laid there numb to their actions. these men fucked her with rage and need of release as man after man came in her cunt and ass. your cock ached and started to drip as men would grip her tits like handles or slap her face just because it looked fun to do or when they would pull up her long legs and thrust their greedy cocks in her loosening ass.

after the current man left his deposit dripping from her cunt, i stand up pushing you off of my thigh. you fall backward on your ass starring at me with some hurt.

“come on baby, it’s our turn,” i say with a concentrated tone.

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