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my pet III
Saturday September 30th 2006, 1:23 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

rounding the corner into the doorway that you saw me walk into earlier, you see a large black empty bed in the center of the room. your heart sinks when you do not spot me. the room smells of my cunt and cum, your cock twitches. in position around three sides of the bed are three slaves chained on all fours. they are all looking down. numbers painted on their backs. you don’t have the chance to get the numbers as you are yanked to your spot around the side of the bed.

“nummmber thurrrty fiiiiive,” the staff member draws out as he paints the numbers on your back.

“what a fucking idiot,” you think to yourself.

“on all fours thirty five, like a dog,” he barks.

you kneel down and get into position as the fresh paint drips down the sides of your back. the staff member locks you into place, pulls off the mask and ball gag. you work your mouth to try to get the feeling back in your jaw.

“you will look down at all times unless told to do otherwise, understand thirty five?” he says in a rehearsed tone.

“goddamn retard,” you smirk to yourself as you nod your head up and down starring at the floor.

the music sounds more faint as you hear more screams of pain and pleasure. you distinctly hear cracks of whips and slaps of paddles. your cock twitches again and if you could just give it a yank all would be right.

you can hear shuffling of feet and heels make their way into the room. some of the feet come into your downward view while others walk deeper in the room. the bed springs groan as bodies seem to fall on top. your curiosity is spurred when you hear me moan. you just want to confirm it is me. you look upward towards the bed.


a booted foot met the side of your face making you sway to the left in your position.

“look down thirty five!” a voice hisses.

you taste your blood in your mouth. as you lick your split lip. the pain sears and lingers as you are unable to rub your aching jaw.

the moans get louder and you want to snarl. you feel a weight straddle your back and you work to keep the weight up. hairy legs on both sides of you and a motion on your back that is obvious to you. he is jacking off while watching the events on the bed just feet from you. as the moans get louder and more frequent so does his motion. you feel his balls grinding into you back along with his hair ass. as i start to come he spurts his cum up your back to the back of your neck. he grabs at your ass and uses you to pull himself up. you are fuming with anger.

you feel soft hands rack your back and grip at your hips. your cock twitches, the hands feel familiar. flesh runs across your body making it’s way to the side of your head.

“how ya doin baby?” i whisper so gently in your ear.

startled you shift to face me.


a boot greets the left side of your face with a harder force then the first kick.

“i said look down you piece of shit!” a voice growls.

my tongue licks your fresh blood.

“mmmmmm, face me baby,” i coo.

you hesitate.

“it’s okay babyyy face me, wanna kiss you,” i lip on to your ear.

you slowly turn to me, seeing me for the first time since i left you. my face glows with “freshly fucked” written all over it. i smile out the corner of my mouth as i inch in towards your face sneaking my tongue in your busted mouth. i suck the blood from your lips letting your tongue hungrily fuck my mouth. my hand reaches down to stroke your aching cock. you groan in my mouth with eagerness. i part from you lips as i detach my hand from your cock.

“such a slut baby,” i hiss in your ear.

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