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my pet II
Thursday September 28th 2006, 2:54 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

we make our way deeper as the noise gets louder. you can see long hallways that branch from the center room where the music thumps in an ear shattering manner. we walk along a wall with numbers painted high up, there are metal rings that stick out from the wall. under certain numbers you noticed one, two or three “slaves”, “pets”, or “sluts” chained up. you glance as some of them touch each other while others have a terrified look upon their faces. the sight causes your cock to twitch, the things you would love to do to the “terrified” ones.


i slow down as i near number 35. i fasten your leash with a padlock to the thick metal ring. i press my body into your hard cock. you breath in deep through your nose trying to hiss at the pain. my right hand on your shoulder and my left hand resting against your ass.

my lips come in very close to the slit in your mask that positions over your ear, “now you be a good boy and i will see you soon,” i loudly coo fighting the music.

my right hand trails to your cock and my left hand slaps your ass two times. my right hand squeezes your cock head a little harder then i should as i release it throbbing in pain.

you watch me walk off like a puppy tied around a pole. where am i going? why did i just leave you hear like this? you strain yourself watching my glimmering latex go down a hallway and through a door. you try to keep you eye on the spot as several men and women follow me in.

your mind is playing tricks on you as you think, “maybe it wasn’t my door, it could have been another. perhaps you lost track of the spot i walked into. who are you kidding,” that grimaced voices bites, “she is getting railed by those men and women without you, you fucking stupid idiot!”

while you are off fighting with your inner voice something warms presses against the back side of you. by their arousal it is a bear or a man and his cock presses against your ass. you try to move away and say “no”, but the ball gag has you muffled.

“stupid fucking whore!” you scream in your mind.

he grabs your hips and pushes his lubed condom in your cunt as you try to scream through your nose. he can’t hear you as he fucks you like the toy you are. you try to control your breathing as the mask suffocates your nose. beads of sweat are gathering on your face. his mouth gets close to your neck as you hear him grunting in your ear. his hand grabs a ring on your collar and yanks you back against him. the pain is excruciating as he pounds harder and harder, pulling his cock out, yanking the condom off and squirting his seed up your back. you flinch as the spurts hit your back. if you could snarl you would as you watch him walk ahead of you and his cum starting to drip downward. you watch him jack himself and put on another condom.

“fucking disgusting pig, i could fucking rip your throat out you piece of shit,” you think to yourself.

backing up against the wall and you try to wipe you back off. you figure this way it will keep away violations from your cunt if you stay up against the wall. you watch the room as you see other chained humans getting groped, prodded and fucked. a dread sinks in as you wonder just how long you are going to be out here alone without any say in what happens to you.

as you stand there you observe random people that don’t give you a second thought while others stand in front of you starring with lust grins on their faces. some will touch your throbbing, hard cock while some pinch at your flesh and even smack.

glancing to your right and watch the girl next to you chained up. there is a piggish man man handling her tits with one hand while his other hand is deep in her cunt. he is far from nice as you see tears streams down her precious doll face. you watch how he bites at her nipple while twisting and pulling at the other. he pulls out whips her around and bends her against the wall as he shoves his condom coated cock into her ass. she jerks back trying to scream. a stream of saliva seeps from between her ball gag and lips. he hands claw the wall and you watch her nails bend and snap from her delicate hands. you just smirk as your cock twitches. your eyes shift down the hallway i walked down. there is a slew of people crowding the hallway now. your mind starts to race again.

a hand grips your cock and starts to stroke it.

“fuck now what!” you scream in your mind.

you look forward and then down. a fairy boy is knelt down sinking your cock into his mouth. you try to back away from his mouth but he is stuck to you with suction. you try not to think about it. his mouth is not as soft as mine, but it feels like you could unload into him. right when you cannot hold back he is pulled from your cock by a bear. you are left with your chest heaving as your cock throbs even worse then before.

the pig next to you grunts as he gives his last thrust in the girl next to you. he pulls out and throws his cum filled condom next to her feet. he leaves as she cries into the wall. you almost have pity for her but not much. you think about how you would love to carve your name into her smooth skin. let her bleed and really give her something to cry about.

a man with “staff” spelled in white on his black shirt comes up to you. unlocks you from the wall and starts to tug you harshly towards the hallway i ventured down earlier. as you are being led you start to feel excitement of hoping to see me. you notice other random leashed pets being tugged in various hallways by other staff members.


as you get quick glimpses into other rooms you can smell sweat, cum, cunts and blood. the rooms are dimly lit with more audible screaming flooding the hallway. some pets are chained up against the wall, being beaten and cut, while others are serving a line of people or others sitting on the ground as still as night. you wonder now what is in store for you. you cock twitches with anticipation.


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