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my mental cum
Sunday September 03rd 2006, 7:06 am
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you sitting there reading the screen the words that i piece together in such a way, it is a mental seduction. as if i have crawled out of the monitor on my hands in knees like a lion to her prey, to straddle you in the chair you sit in.

i place my mouth up against your ear whispering with lust my words that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. me grinding into your hard crotch to emphasize certain words to get the point across.

yes…i am getting my point across baby.

my left hand on your neck tracing circular designs as my left finger traces the outlines of your lips.

you want me to grind, you want a rhythm. i am making the point, you just want to cum. you are driven mad when i push in to emphasize words like “cock”, “cunt”, “fuck”, “baby”, “lick”, “suck”, “pain” and “cum”. you seem to twitch when you hear everything else. speaking my words like a hypnotic poison.

my flesh bare, warm and comforting. my skin soft and smooth. your hands rest on my hips that you dare not move nor stray upon my body for fear this could be just a dream. you feel a fabric so smooth and silky. you wonder…is it pink?

your heart racing as my words are slowly inserted to your mind. your eyes are closed, lips parted and you are completely seduced. i could take what i wanted right now baby. i have you in that moment, that very moment.

i tell you it all baby, i unload my words into you. my mental cum that you take and swallow. you never spill a drop baby. you take it all and i never seeps out of your hole. you let out a breath as if you were holding it in the whole time not miss a single word.

as soon as your long breath is released…i am gone.

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That was fucking great!! If you can make the mind believe, anything is possible.

P.S. Like your new pic.

Comment by Raven 09.03.06 @ 9:43 am

I think you are an awesome writer and I dig the new pic- although I would definitely like to see every hairless inch of you!

Comment by stroker 09.03.06 @ 11:49 am



Comment by Al Sensu 09.03.06 @ 2:46 pm

i am blushing from the recent add to your readers list.
so sweet.
fabulous writing hun, you inspire me to be more verbal.

Comment by single gal 09.03.06 @ 5:11 pm

great job…. Don’t you just love that kind of connection?

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.03.06 @ 7:34 pm

I am sitting here nude at the computer, Gracie, happy and a bit sore after having been fucked five times in two hours by my man, and then I read this! My pussy starts to gush at the thought of you materializing around me as a pink vapor, encircling my skin, making me feel you but not feel you at the same time, caressing me with your words, your thoughts, your lusts.

Oh, I want more, much more! Seduce me, beautiful apparition!

Comment by Cherrie 09.03.06 @ 10:05 pm

So seductive and erotic

Comment by Pandora 09.03.06 @ 11:56 pm

HOT ! You know very well how to create vivid erotic images … beautiful. Now come and reach out of that screen … 😉

Comment by Aragorn 09.04.06 @ 5:54 am

raven – mmmm thank you.

stroker – hehe, i am shy! *wink*

al – mmmmm yesssss.

single gal – you should be! express yourself! (wow i did not intend the madonna inspiration there. *wink*)

ed – mmmmm absolutely yes yes yes.

cherrie – mmmmm that is quite a bit of inspiration. now i feel this need to write. *smile*

pandora – thank you love!

aragorn – mmmm only if we could…only if we could.

Comment by Gracie 09.04.06 @ 8:41 am

Well, I’m ready for the day!

Comment by Cooper 09.04.06 @ 9:22 am

you certainly do know how to fuck a mind my dear…

Comment by dirty thirties 09.04.06 @ 11:21 am

that was very very intense…

Comment by Misti 09.04.06 @ 2:20 pm

your writing is amazing, I could not stop reading…damn!

Comment by Misti 09.04.06 @ 2:35 pm

well gracie, i’ll add another madonna-esque bit.
absolutely. no. regrets.

Comment by single gal 09.05.06 @ 8:08 am

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