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my intentions and his actions
Friday May 19th 2006, 11:05 am
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i had walked in the door with my mind set on discussing a matter with e. i told him i wanted to talk and we talked for about 5 minutes. he ended our conversation with…

“i think, you need to take off your clothes now.” with a smirk.

i gave him a look of surprise. he repeated his line again. so i knew at that point we were going to resolve this in another way.

i took off my shirt and he got up from the bed to come to my side. i unbuttoned my jeans and he proceeded to assist by yanking them down and bending me over the bed to spank me. in between his hard and firm hits he undid my bra, pushing it off and gestured for me to completely remove my jeans. he pushes my panties to have access to my ass.

“lay on the bed and stay there till i come back for you.” he commands while pointing on the bed.

i lay there on my stomach and he leaves the room to start the bath. he comes back for me and pulls me up and tells me to leave my panties on.

i get in the tub. we don’t talk about the weather or how our days were. he just washes me and tells me what to do. i listen to him and obey his orders. his hand glides between my legs, under the panties and he teases my cunt. my head goes back and i longed for that touch.

“turn over.” he tells me as he leaves the bathroom.

i turn over in the tub on to my stomach. i turn my head towards the wall and rest it on the edge of the tub. i hear him come back in and pulls my panties down past my ass. he inserts a dildo and proceeds to fuck me. my ass pulls out of the water and i grip the edge of the tub. he fucks hard and every so often he takes a hard swipe at my ass. my knees are pressed into the tub and my legs shake as he keeps the rhythm of punishment.

he starts to slow down and he pulls the plug for the tub and leaves. he comes back for me and does not offer a towel but direction to the bedroom to lay on towels he had arranged on the ground. i start to shiver from being wet and cold. he tells me to lay on my stomach on the ground. i do as i am told. he pulls off my wet panties and tosses them to the side. he fidgets around and i hear a click of a top and he proceeds to lube my ass. i get nervous no knowing if he plans to use a toy or his cock. i feel him open me which is nice for him and he pushes in a toy and it hurts me. i yelp and with that he answers to fucking me with the dildo and hard.

he starts to talk to me. he tells me he wants several guys to come over and molest me. think he is a dark? that is a term i whisper to him when plays with me. i beg him to molest me….take me…hurt me. he may just follow through on that talk he gave me.

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Gracie as always you are such a turn on! =)

Comment by ADIDAS 05.20.06 @ 12:19 am

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