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my first rabbit
Tuesday February 06th 2007, 3:52 pm
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no, this isn’t a tale about my first pet rabbit that sadly died at the fangs of a feline. ironically i now own two felines or they own me, the debate is still going on that one. hmmmm. but i digress.

this is a story about my first toy rabbit vibrator. certainly this might sound tame for even me and maybe hard to believe that it has taken me this long to even use a rabbit. but, you see my toys vary and sometimes are common household items such as scarves, pillows, knives, latex gloves and so on. so my arsenal of sex toys is actually quite small due to breakage or the lack of time to actually go out and purchase such things.

it was during my week of sickness that the doorbell rang twice and E and i looked at each other in question. he got up and once i saw him bring in the brown box i knew what it was.

“it’s my rabbit,” i squealed with as much excitement as i could muster with a sore throat.

he placed the box in the living room and it was forgotten all day.

later on that evening he brought the box into the office. he started to open it and pulled it out of the packaging. to be honest i think he was more excited about it then i was. he went as far as to plug it in and put it in its charger by my side of the bed.

the history with me and sex toys have been rather null. i love them don’t get me wrong. E has always been the one to “use” them on me. i never used toys while playing with myself. maybe it is the way i masturbate that i didn’t know my own mechanics per say. to me toyswere never fun if E wasn’t using them on me. that way i didn’t know what motion or action he was going to take and that is what made it exciting to me.

days had passed and i was getting better and E was getting antsy. i won’t forget, “do you want me to work you over with your new toy?” timing was never on my side. as i was getting better other natural things occurred and we were both getting thoroughly frustrated.

sunday night i couldn’t take it any more. i shaved everything and prepped myself.

“i need to come,” is all i said to E. i was on edge and was going to explode.

we laid in bed and he lazily toyed with my nipples. i started to grind against his cock as he fondled me. his fingers went down between my legs to rub on my clit and that very point is when i lost control of myself. at that very instant i became this cock ravenous, nymphomatic whore that couldn’t want to get my cunt stuffed. my legs were spread so wide and eagerly when i look back on that moment i smirk to myself.

he pulled the rabbit out and plunged it inside of me turning on the vibrations and the rotating shaft. my eyes fluttered and it was a feeling that i have not experienced with a toy. while he held the toy in place his other hand gripped roughly at my breast. my hands were flailing about and one was gripping the head board while the other was pinching and tugging at my nipple. instead of this climb or wave i felt my body was on a “about to come at any second” state. my cunt would clamp on to the vibe and release or i would thrust against the vibrating rabbit. i didn’t know what to do and my throat was growing hoarse from the screaming and cursing. randomly E’s hand would unclutch my tit to cover my nose and mouth. this only made my body convulse harder then before. i came several times and each time wasn’t enough. i think at the point of soaking through 4 layers of towels it was time to stop. i was panting and shuddering as if i had just had an intense fuck. it was a very wild ride. i am not sure if E is not intimidated with this toy or not. it still sits proudly on my night stand.

that toy made a nympho out of me. not that i have a problem with my sex drive, but this damn thing made me crazy to be used. i am looking forward to actually using this toy on myself and maybe with a delicious voice in my ear.

this rabbit was courtesy of Rabbit Vibrator, all though i do not currently see the one that i received (The Rechargeable Jack Rabbit Vibrator), i will say my next one will have to be the Xtreme Rabbit Vibrator

if you do not own a rabbit, my god don’t make the same mistake i made, get off your ass and order one today and you will be humming like a crazed nympho in no time.

for those readers that hate reading “reviews” i do apologize and would hope that i have twisted this review enough to get your blood rushing. but, if i can get my hands on filthy toys…damn straight i am going to do it. it is nice to get a perk here and there for getting you guys and gals off. i think it is better then cluttering my blog with ads. if that still puts a foul taste in your mouth, bite me. be warned, i will like it.

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I guess when I finally build that full size deluxe motorized love chair (with 37 attachments), I know who to call for the test ride, don’t I?

heh you know i would just live there then to fully review those 37 attachments. *wink*

yes you call me anytime, i am there.

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.06.07 @ 5:21 pm

I loved it, even if it was a review.

thank you rae.

Comment by RaesSecret 02.06.07 @ 5:38 pm

I need a rabbit. And I like reviews. I also like to read about sex toys. Toys are always more fun with a partner but can be great alone.

my GOD CHRIS out of all the toys you own you don’t have one? girl….get to ordering!

Comment by Chris 02.06.07 @ 5:50 pm

Yes I love my rabbit too. I want that Xtreme Vibrator too. you can bend the shaft just a bit to make the rotation even wider. mmmm,yummy

yes B, i think you and i have similar tastes. i think i am gonna order that xtreme one as a heart day gift. heh. cuz i don’t need roses and candy. give me some fucking and toys!

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.06.07 @ 5:59 pm

My blog buddy Phoenix just got hers and gave it a great review. I’ll be using one on a willing test subject this weekend. I can’t wait!

well i hope you write about testing it on a willing subject. that sounds hot.

Comment by The Fury 02.06.07 @ 7:27 pm

hmmm ….. what i wud give to watch u enjoy only !

what would you give kinda?


Comment by kindabiz 02.06.07 @ 11:52 pm

LOL! I told you girl! Those things are the best – with a friend or alone. And, unlike a friend the Rabbit keeps going….and going…and going….and going…and going… >:)

yes you were right. i thank you for the recommendation. now i am addicted and i am going to order a new one. *wink*

I MISS YOU too where have you been hiding??

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 02.07.07 @ 8:03 am

The God of Puns would never forgive me if I didn’t post the classic joke.

“You know why they invented men, don’t you? Because vibrators don’t fix cars or do yard work.”

OK i will let you slide with that one. but what if you can fix your own car and do yard work?

i kid, i kid. nothing beats the real deal, even if it doesn’t vibrate or rotate in my cunt.

thank you for the link in one of your posts. i tried to comment, but no comments. i tried to email, but that did not work.

tisk tisk….sneaky sneaky.

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.08.07 @ 3:34 pm

what wud i give ???????

anything that you still dont have and miss a lot and have a deire to experience !!!! anything for u !

Oh Kinda you are such a tease.

Comment by kindabiz 02.08.07 @ 8:46 pm

So, not so tame your rabbit? We bought one from Fun Factory and the result was just not the same!
Time to get out the credit card and visit 🙂

D you know perfectly well that i would never get anything “tame”. yes i suggest you visit they have quite the selection of rabbits.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 02.12.07 @ 11:27 am

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