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Wednesday July 26th 2006, 8:30 am
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i am rather amazed at how addicting it is to have that window into another soul’s world. whether or not is 100% true does not matter. it is that voyeuristic act of peeping into what happens behind closed doors. i am also rather pleased that i am finding others like me or similar in their tastes as i am. it lets me know as i have assumed that i am not the only freak of a woman out there.

in the past month or so i have discovered several blogs that strike my fancy:

this delicious creature writes so well and that alone spurs my interest. however, what allures me even more are her lovely fingers and lips. she is a delight and i still have catching up to do on her blog.

Cheating Nymph
i can relate to her on several levels. i enjoy reading on her sessions with her daddy. it is delicious to read about pure lust.

Dirty & Thirty
a delicious couple with a massive dildo that i envy (i need to get one of those). their pictures are scrumptious and i enjoy their posts greatly.

Getting Wet & Mouth Watering
a beautiful couple that have a healthy appetite for naughtiness. i adore the photos they post and their wonderful comments.

this man’s exploits while on tour….amazing. he seems to play with a rainbow of experiences and open to new ones. i am rather jealous of how good looking the women he is banging are. can say he has good taste. i am patiently waiting for his next bit of naughtiness while back at home.

Lust Demon
oh the name alone….mmmmmm. his writing can be touching and however, it can be naughty. my favorite post is the lessons learned.

Married With Sex
mmm nothing hotter then a wife slave. she is such a wonderful sub and she makes me look like a terrible sub. that is okay i do not claim to be a full on sub anyways. i like too much control. her sex with her husband is hot and i love reading about it.

Mr. Husbland
i spent some time reading through his archives. i can relate to the pain staking chore of “making a baby”. it is nice to see someone young achieve so much. his cheesey humor and naughty desires are entertaining.

Naughtier Nate
i found naughty nate a while ago. he has a very dark sexuality that is very compatible with my own. he and i exchange delicious emails back and forth. he has inspired several posts on my blog.

Nightside Johnny
i enjoy his theories and thoughts on females and the human species in general. his experiences are include the bad and good. his dark side is what appeals to me and i still have some reading to catch up on with this blog. oh and i enjoyed his picture for his no rules thursday and i am glad the few of us gals talked him into posting it.

Pandora’s Box
she has quite the following and her photos are delicious. however, she may be going a different path in her blogging life. that is understandable and i support it. i enjoy her writings and i hope she continues with it.

i enjoy his posts, some pose to make one contemplate the subject. he seems to have a healthy sense of humor and i look forward to more rants.

Rex & Roxy
another great couple. i love the photos, they are artistic and i can appreciate the images. the posts are wonderful and realistic including “rugrat” interruptions and even stubbing toes. ouch.

NOTE: do not see your blog listed above? well that is because i have reading to catch up on you and i do not know enough to say this or that. sit tight and i will get to you on the next round. *wink*

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Yer makin’ me blush! And I don’t look good in pink…hmm…in pink, in a verb sense maybe!

Comment by Pyrhonik 07.26.06 @ 10:40 am

pyrhonik – oh don’t you know…real men wear pink. *wink* mmmm i think you would look great IN pink and i do speak of the verb sense.

Comment by Gracie 07.26.06 @ 11:16 am

Well I’m honoured to be listed 🙂 I have quite a few nights and moments of passion and desires fulfilled to catch up on. Life has been far too busy but I’ll do my best to post something very very soon.xxxx

Comment by Jemima 07.26.06 @ 2:15 pm

jemima – i await your lusty words. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.26.06 @ 3:35 pm

I was just checking your photos on the side and I really love a lot of what you have there! Seriously raw sexiness, they make a person glad to be human!

Comment by Pyrhonik 07.26.06 @ 8:38 pm

pyrhonik – why thank you. i do adore them. they are my pets.

Comment by Gracie 07.26.06 @ 8:41 pm

Well… thank you so much for the plug. 🙂 I enjoy your writing as well… I love reading about your experiences!

Comment by Pandora 07.26.06 @ 9:53 pm

Thanks for the mention! Yours is one of my favorites, largely thanks to your accounts of raw, animalistic, almost-BDSM-but-not-quite fucking.

It’s a huge turn on. I’m a little envious, as neither I nor Roxy really have it in us… yet 😉

Rex Loves Roxy

Comment by Rex and Roxy 07.27.06 @ 8:00 am

hmmmm …. yum …. yum ….yummmy … u defintely steal my heart away.

feel honoured that you so graciously have mentioned my name in yr blog stating that u do enjoy my writes..
well i do aim to please …. he he he …

reading yr writes has started opening doors hidden in my inner secret personality and i have just recently tried out what u so much practise and it was tooooo terrific !!

Comment by kindabiz 07.28.06 @ 4:21 am

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