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my devoted pet
Saturday March 03rd 2007, 1:52 am
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i kept his closet door open all week and enjoyed watching him try to fall asleep fucking his little bed. i laid there glaring my eyes into him as he turned away from me grinding his hard cock against the all too familiar padding. i couldn’t help but grin and touch myself lazily as i knew he didn’t want to look at me and face my cruelty. this had been going on for days. in the morning i would open my eyes and see if his hand unconsciously was grabbing his hard cock. by the second day this had stopped as i kicked him in the balls waking him abruptly into cries of pain.

it had turned into a full week since he touched his cock and came. he was dying and writhing with torment which i found utterly arousing. my days started to get so much better knowing that my V was in this what seemed never ending punishment. he knew not to push it, he knew to take it and he knew not to beg for release.

his mumbling started to form audible phrases and by friday he was full on cursing at me out loud as i would laugh at him squarely. i even giggled when he flipped me off. it didn’t matter because his lack of touching caused me to orgasm intensely on a daily basis. V was the growling dog that kept shocking himself back into submission when i would walk by him.

“come here pet.” i sat on the bed in a robe and pointed at the ground in front of me. he gave me a very dirty face as he took his place kneeling before me. “awww pet, what’s wrong with you?”

“you fucking know damn well cunt.” his face was twisted as his words almost spat from his  thin lips. he looked so angry.

“mmmmmm, tell me baby. what has your terrible owner done to you today?” my legs spread right before him as my robe opened revealing a freshly shaven cunt. my fingers crept down to my clit as i touched it lightly. i watched his eyes follow and i saw his cock harden to a throbbing mess.

“today? fuck you grace.” his voice was not as harsh but was conflicted as the blood was racing for his bobbing cock.

“you don’t look that angry pet.” as i looked down at his cock that was starting to piss pre-cum.

“goddamn you grace.” was all he could push out as he starred at my finger slowly circling my hardening clit.

“uh huh.” i whispered out as my chest was heaving. “look at your cock baby, so goddamn hard and needy. wanna touch it?”

“may i grace?” his hands on his thighs and they were slowly inching towards the center.

“hmmmmmm. you do exactly as i say or i will just cut off your cock, do you understand pet?” i pulled my fingers away and sat up straight with all seriousness.

“yes grace.” he was starring big eyed, pleading with me as the tension was building inside of him.

“stand up and bring your ear to my mouth.”

V carefully stood up and bent his head down resting it on my shoulder.

i ran my hand up the side of his face, through his hair and held it there. “baby, sometimes i wish you had nine lives so i could figure out the best way to kill you while fucking you,” i whispered slowly into his ear. “i am trying to figure out which act would get me off most, choking you, strangling you with a plastic bag, cutting you. all i know is i want to be on top of you so i can see the life drain from your face baby.”

i felt his face sink into my flesh as he lost his balance and composure.

“f-f-f-uucckkkk grace.” was all he could muster as he fell to his knees resting his head on my naked lap.

i sighed and took in a deep breath as i pet his head and rubbed my finger tips along his scalp. “you are such a good pet this week V. you make me happy and proud. no one can measure up to your devotion to me.” i said dreamily as my foot started to fondle his balls and running up the length of his cock. i could feel him shudder and his hands gripping the bed.

“goddamn.” he said shakily.

“uh huh, i know what i have in you and i enjoy pushing you to that limit.” my hand roamed where his hair covered. i felt lost in this moment and then i snapped.

“lay on the bed baby, on your back.” i pointed to the spot that laid beside me when i slept. the spot that was frequently empty as no one worthy has filled that position as of late.

V crawled on to the bed and positioned himself on his back with his hands at his side. i starred at his bouncing cock. it almost look deformed from the lack of stimulation. i laid beside him starring at his cock.

“look at it pet, look at your raging hard on. look how needy you look. you look as if you’ll explode.”

he looked down at his cock and his mouth twitched and pursed closed.

“jerk it for me baby.” i let out in a breathy tone. “do it slow, fuck your hand for me.”

his left hand went down and wrapped around his cock. his lips parted as he slowly thrust into his hand.

“don’t cum till i tell you to…IF i tell you to.”

“y-yes grace.” he blurted out in a squeak.

i watched intently and let out short breathless moans as he fucked his hand slowly. his body was starting to tense up as he sat and gripped his cock hard.

“mmmmmm i wanna fuck you pet.”

“fuuuuck.” his hand let go as i straddled V pressing my drenched cunt at the head of his cock.

“don’t you fucking cum inside of me V or i will kill you.” i sneered with clenched teeth.

“y-yes grace.” he pushed out starring wildly at me.

“if you are going to cum you have to tell me, understand?”

all V could do at this point was nod frantically up and down. i knew he wouldn’t last, he was so on the edge and i grinned at him with such wicked intent.

my cunt slowly slid down his shaft squeezing tightly as i inched down painfully. my nails dug into his chest as i focused on his face, right into his eyes.

“fuck grace! i’m gonna cum.” V blurted out shamefully.

i pushed off his cock and pushed his cock against his stomach as it spurted up to his chest glistening. i sat on his thighs looking at his load of cum all over him. i smiled evil at him.

“too bad you didn’t get to fully fuck me huh pet?”

he looked at me and didn’t say a word as he was still trying to catch his breath.

“go clean yourself up and go to bed baby.” i whispered as i fell on to my side of the bed. i felt the bed shift as he got up. i could see his head hanging low or he was starring at his now soft cock. “oh you can sleep at the foot of the bed tonight.”

“thank you grace.” he said clearly before he left the room.

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goddamn, Grace…goddamn

yes my pet. i am so partial to this post i keep reading it over and over.

Comment by vslut 03.03.07 @ 4:26 am

Grace, you are wicked. And so is that slut of yours. He is on line with the fucking message saying “View My Webcam.” He can see that I’m online. He knows I can’t watch him. Taunting me, selfishly. Maybe he is waiting for you, or on line with you, but he should be invisible, the fucking whore. Cause he knows I can see him, and know knows that I know what he’s doing and how much I loved it- and how hard it made me cum. Fucking bitch. Make him hurt, Grace. Just once, for me. You know how I love that.

well my B, i never said i was a “nice” bitch.

he was so behaved i came twice. he always starts my weekends off right.

maybe next time i will let you watch…maybe.


Comment by badbadgirlx 03.03.07 @ 5:39 am

You are definitely a cruel mistress. It’s so delicious! I don’t know if I could be that obedient to anyone. You truly have found a good pet.

am i cruel? does my pet enjoy how evil i can be towards him?

yes, being obedient is definitely not a strong point in my nature. but there are those out there that prefer it instead of making those tough decisions for themselves.

it is being as simple as a “pet” to give one such a delightful purpose. he has proven this last week just how wonderful of a pet he is. he keeps me proud and hungry.


Comment by Chris 03.03.07 @ 10:23 pm

oh gracie this was in fact so wickedly intense. WoW

thank you my dear. i enjoy re-reading it daily.

Comment by Pandora 03.04.07 @ 4:05 am

I love the wicked effort to tantalize. It makes me want to watch, or at the least to spend my day visualizing it all. Just magnificent, as ever and always!

thank you my dear Tom. i do wonder what it would be like to have another man watch my pet in action. i am certain that would be a new effort on his part.

i will have to contemplate that one. i am sure V has read this and now his heart is racing.


Comment by Tom 03.04.07 @ 4:16 pm

Wicked, indeed. What an apt description. And what a good pet you seem to have found. I’m glad you found him but more glad that you’re sharing the experiences with us.

The Butterfly Temptress

Comment by The Butterfly Temptress 03.12.07 @ 2:06 pm

Would love to be your pet, darling.

Comment by Man Misbehaved 03.16.07 @ 2:47 pm

tis works! how do I know. Well I am jerking my cock as I read…more, please

Comment by david still 05.09.07 @ 2:45 pm

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