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my dead toy
Monday August 28th 2006, 10:33 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

You laying on a black, rubber sheet, spread like a submissive slut. Bound with hard, cold metal cuffs that your body is quickly warming up. Your cock is already fucking hard like the slut you are. I can see a small amount of leakage at the tip. So fucking hungry. I pull down my drenched panties and stuff them into your hungry mouth. You don’t fight me my slut, because you want to taste me.

I put on a cock ring. you wonder….why? We both know your cock is always hard like a whore wanting to impale any fucking wet, hot hole…even a dry hole at times. Oh you will see baby.

I straddle you right above your stiff cock. Letting it rest against my round ass. You twitch feeling my skin (you slut) and you twitch even more when you feel my creamy wetness hit your skin. I slowly slide upward towards your face, you see this evil fucking grin come into your view. I stick a heart monitor pad on your chest. You did not even notice the machine to your left until you hear you heartbeat. It starts to race a little.

“Shhhhh baby, it will be okay,” I soothe to you.

I slide up more to your ear keeping my view on your eyes. I pull out a syringe, tear the packet of an alcohol prep and rub your bound arm. I see your eyes widen, you start to muffle in defiance and shake your head. Your mind racing wondering is she going to fucking kill me, is she going to sedate me? The needle penetrates your hot skin and the liquid is emptied into your system.

“Oh baby,” I whisper so delicately in your ear. “I would not make you sleep, I know how much of a slut you are. You want to see and feel. I promise baby you will feel, you may not see it all.”

I laugh a little when your heart rate subsides just a little.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun,” I say with such a grin.

You feel the muscles in your body start to lose your control. You can not writhe with objection. It starts from your feet and works its way up. Your heart rate increases…are you dying?

“Mmmmmm baby, you make me so wet.”

With that it reaches above your waist, crawling up to your chest. You are paralyzing and you start to realize. Your head starts to shake from side to side as you try to scream “NO!” with your stuffed mouth.

I start laughing as your head slowly stops telling me no. I grin and watch your heart rate drop a little. As you accept this fate I have bestowed upon you. I flick at your rigid cock and I squeeze your balls more then I should. Your heart rate shoots up and I know in your mind you are screaming, screaming at me with all your might, “YOU FUCKING CUNT, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! I AM GOING TO RIP YOU OPEN, MAKE YOU BLEED! FUCKING BITCH!”

“Shhhhhh, now baby. Don’t you trust me, you know I will take care of you making sure you can feeeeeel,” as I dig my nails into the shaft of your cock.

I cannot rid this grin on my face as I climb on top of your cock. You can see my face now bouncing in and out of view. I can see the plea in your eyes as they dart when I bounce upward into view. You feel nails drag downwards starting at your chest. You burn with pain, you know I have gone much too deep.

“Goddamn baby you feel so fuckinggg g-goooodddd,” I moan. “Myyyy d-dead t-toyyyy. Eyyyy ammm g-gonnnaa cummmm onn y-yourrr life life-lessss f-fleshhhh.”

I come so hard on you I fall off. Your cock still rigid. This couldn’t be it. You know this is not over with. Your heart rate increasing as your mind races. The only thing you can control, yet you know I am making your mind race in wonderment. You are so fucking enraged at me. You want to beat me to bruise and blood. You should have known better to allow this. To trust another slut.

“Mmmmmmm baby,” I pant, trying to regulate myself. “You are so fucking amazing. You are a slut for me right?”

Your heart rate starts to increase.

“Baby, you will do anything for me right,” I coo in your ear. I start to unlock the handcuffs and restraints. “Yessss, you won’t be needing these anymore. Mmmmmm my slut, I want you to take a real cock for me.” I whisper in your ear gently and lovingly licking your lobe. “I want to see your cunt get fucked baby. I want you to take a cock so I can see your cunt leak with cum like mine baby. Please baby?”

Your mind screams even more “NOOOOOOO! YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU ARE DEAD!”

“Now baby, shhhhhh,” watching your eyes dart in every direction. “We both know you are not gay baby. You are not going to let this be a conflict on your manhood are you? Just this once for me baby. Let me come to you being cummed in. I would do it for you” I say with an evil grin.


Your heart is racing and my grin gets bigger.

“Good, I am glad you agree,” I slither. “Oh you can not be disagreeing too much baby, I see that precum pooling at the top of your beautiful cock head.”

You feel me lick the top of your cock. You cannot tell if you are going to cum or not. You cannot even twitch.

I get up from the rubber coated bed. You hear whispers.

“That fucker has been in the room the whole time,” you are wondering. “FUCK!”

You start to hear some light moaning, slurping and a slap. You feel aroused again, yet hesitant.

The bed shifts, you know it is not my weight. You feel a cock press against your ass. It is lubed and hot. There is nothing you can do.

“It’s okay baby, I am here,” I whisper in your ear.

You are startled and did not realize I was right next to you. My heat is against your skin. Fingers probing at your wounds. Licking the drying blood.

Suddenly your mind screams with furry as the cock pushes in without any remorse. The pain is excruciating. His cock is fucking your cunt. You want to kill me. You can’t see this man fucking you. It is a good thing.

“MMmmmm baby,” I murmur. It is obvious I am extremely turned on by your cunt getting fucked for me. “He is fucking your cunt hard. Can you feel it?”

“NO SHIT CUNT!” you scream in your mind.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssss,” I moan. Rubbing my cunt beside you as you get railed in your cunt for me. “Cum in my slut’s cunt now!”

You hear a grunt and a moan. Hot cum exploding in your cunt for me. You are enraged. He pulls out after his last spasm inside of you. He pulls out quickly and you hear a door open and shut.

“Mmmmmmm babyyyyy,” I coo. “Your fuckinnnggg cunttt is l-leaking c-cum. UNNNNGGGHHHHHH!”

My fingers play with the cum and push back inside of your ass. I start to fuck your used ass with two fingers. Slipping so easily in and out.

“Mmmmm what a stretched out cunt. You are such a fucking slut baby.”

I reach into your ass and massage your prostate. This is not how you wanted to cum. I probe it, fucking your cunt. Your cock twitches and slowly leaks its cum.

“Mmmmmmmm, you like that baby? Getting your cunt fucked till you cum for me?”

I lick your cum drenched cunt, up to your sweaty balls, up your cum drenched cock, taking your cock in my mouth, down your shaft all the way in my mouth hitting my throat and back up with a release. I can taste both of the cum loads in my mouth. I swallow.

“Thank you baby.”

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Goddam Gracie that was hott. I’m going to enjoy reading all of these posts from start to finish.

my, my that is a chore, thankfully there aren’t too many.

i hope they get you…wet pan.

Comment by Pandora 11.28.06 @ 7:19 am

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