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Thursday October 26th 2006, 1:20 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i walk into the room and i find you sitting on the bed. you look ever so normal with your clothes on. i look you up and down and smirk. i make my way to you cocking my head to the side and raising an eyebrow. i know that you have done what i had asked, but i am curious to see if you decided against it. but i know you my slut.

greeting your lips with mine, i shove my tongue into your mouth. i can feel your hands start at the back of my knees traveling upward to rest on my ass. i can feel your fingertips moving inward and i moan into your mouth. i grip your hair with both hands as i break away from you sucking in a deep breath. i push you back on to the bed and move to unbutton your jeans then stop.

“show me your cunt.”

you stare at me with big eyes and i almost forget you are male. my face is stone as i watch you fumble with the button on your jeans. normally you would undo them every so gracefully, but tonight you seem to have things running through your mind from our last conversation.

i watch the ring on your ring finger glisten in the low light. your hands are delicious to me as your long fingers unbutton and slowly unzip. i know you are trying to tease me but my face warns you not to push that factor with me tonight. i stare down as your jeans inch downward. i see the top of your pubic region and the tuft of hair you left for me. slowly downwards and i start to see what i had requested. a make shift cunt. i lick my lips as i watch your jeans continue to slip downwards. your legs wrestle the rest off your body.

i lay beside you and put my lips to your ears. my hand travels towards your cunt as i feel your body wave beneath me like a bitch. the anticipation of my fingers to your cunt is all you can focus on right now. i make my way slowly downward as i start to whisper delicately in your ear.

“you like being a bitch for me baby?”

“yesss,” you moan.

“did you get hard as you were making a cunt for me?”


i press harder as i reach your patch. your body starts to tremble and shake.

“i think you make an excellent bitch for me.”

you answer with a gasp as my finger slides gently down to your clit and rub. i move away from your head as i place my head between your legs, kneeling on the floor. i place your clit between my teeth and let me tongue tip barely touch the flesh. i feel you breathe in deep and i gently bite down. you groan deep from your chest. my fingers travel your cunt as i feel a slit and i find your asshole. i can feel your cock hardening and straining against its unnatural bounds.

“i bet you wish you were a real bitch so you could get sloppy wet for me huh cunt?”

you groan and then moan ever so loudly as i spit beneath your clit. i start to rub.

“hmmm too bad i couldn’t fuck this cunt of your, too shallow.”

i lay my finger long against your slit rubbing up towards your clit. your hips start to buck against my fingers. i smile as i see this look of lust on your face as you stare at me pleading for something…anything.

“should i make a cunt hole that i can fuck? hmmmm?”

you gasp as i pull i razor from underneath the pillow. i can feel you tense up as i move it in the low light. my cunt grows wet as i stare at the shiny new blade with no stains or markings. i run the corner right above your cunt as it makes tiny blood lines that seep for release. your skin is fluttering as you cannot distinguish pain from pleasure now. i lean down and lick the tiny beading blood. i tongue down towards your clit as i taste the inside of your body. your blood that is now mixed with my insides.

i slide upwards towards your head as i hike up my skirt. i press my hot cunt against you as you have now discovered no panties. your hands push up my shirt as i press my mouth against your ear.

“you just want to be everything for me huh? you want to be the cock that fucks me, the toy i use, the bitch that cleans my dirty, used cunt, the object that i mutilate, the whore that fucks anything and the slut that just does whatever i ask to ensure my cunt stays wet.”

i feel your body jerk as i press into you with every foul word from my mouth. your spasm as i know you just came against your ass.

“mmmmmm, i think you made a mess of yourself.”

you are panting and your body rigid. i sit upward to press against your cunt. my wetness dripping down your cunt as i glide against your clit. my hand finds its way to down to your cum coated asshole as i shove in three fingers to finger fuck you. your groans tell me you painfully enjoy being stretched without care. i grind against you as i fuck your real cunt. i thrust in and out of you as i work your cum into your cunt. my body starts to shake and sputter as i come against your cunt. my fingers slide out of you and i hunch down on to your chest. i feed my cum coated fingers to your mouth as you suck them clean gliding your tongue between each fingers as my cunt would spasm against you.

“you are wonderful my treasure,” i whisper into your chest.

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goddamn, baby…i can barely fucking breathe after that

Comment by Anonymous 10.26.06 @ 9:08 pm

Mmmm I have found a delicious secret!

Comment by Pandora 10.30.06 @ 9:10 pm

anonymous – i think that is the point baby.

pan – hehe, i didn’t know this would be your cup of tea!


Comment by Gracie 10.31.06 @ 7:54 am

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