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my confession
Friday April 14th 2006, 9:56 am
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yes, i am a sinner of the seven deadly sins

i am and will do them again

no remorse, no shame

so i confess to you…

Lust, i love perversion. my thoughts now are never clear and my behavior…irrational. my sexual appetite has no end, no limits, no boundaries.

Gluttony, “maliciously depriving others”, something i adore. i do consume more then necessary in physical pain and pleasure.

Greed, i am a nemesis and will destroy the weak around me. i must be on top, the best and second is not in my vocabulary. i get what i want…when i want it.

Sloth, i will use at will. i have apathy for those who do not try. i waste a lot of time enveloped in sexual thought.

Wrath, “wishing to do evil or harm to others”, yes…i will not lie, i am evil. when i am enraged, i want to take all with me. i want you to feel what i feel, if not in a more extreme fashion.

Envy, i do envy…i envy those who fuck when i am unable. i envy those that are receiving when i am not.

Pride, “excessive love of self”, oh yes. to touch and adore myself in a way that i only can. to know how to bring myself to orgasm in seconds. yes, i am narcissistic.

in the end, i am human. not 100% evil, but i won’t disclose the true percentage. i feel extraordinarily vicious lately. i am on the verge of starvation and panic. so yes, i want take my readers down with me. i have a curl in my lip and spite in my eyes. this famine may last for some time. to suffer now, will be perfect in the end.

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