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Friday September 01st 2006, 5:26 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

my lips pressing against yours while on top of you in the warm tub water. i can taste the all the various fluids you have been exposed to. your tongue fucking my mouth, your cock rigid and hard resting near my cunt. i press into you and i can feel a groan rumbling in your chest.

i start to press into you. leaving my weight on top of you. i start to bring my legs up. your cock twitches at the thought of me mounting you in the tub. fucking you and getting water everywhere. oh my dear slut….have i got other plans for you.

i push on you slowly as you head falls into the water. you are lost in your fucking my mouth with your tongue. you think it is an angle. well baby, i think it is a drowning.

pulling away from you i push all my might on you as your face submerges underneath the water. your arms flail as you try to push me off, hit, grab. i keep myself arched back. i let you up to gasp. oh baby your eyes and mouth like a goldfish gasping for life. i push you back under while gripping your chest with my nails.

up again….down again….up again…down again.

your mind is frantic as you swear i am trying to fucking kill you. the lack of oxygen that you are getting makes you dizzy and that nasty bump you got on the last “down again” caused you to pass out.

your eyes creep open. was it a dream? the room is dark, more flickering. are you still in the bathroom? in the tub?

“that fucking cunt,” you think. “i swear i am going to kill her when i get my hands on her. fuck!”

you try to touch your head and it is tightly cuffed to the table.

“SHIT!” you yell. “YOU CUNT, THIS IS OVER!”


“oh baby, this is over when i say it is over,” i say in a stern calm.

hovering over your face i look down at you tilting my head from side to side. i start to smile out of the corner of my mouth. my eyes dark and sinister. your eyes lock on to mine and find themselves darting around.

“you look like a canvas baby!” i say with excitement. “all spread out, shaved, so clean, mmmm i could draw on you baby.”

you think to yourself, “how the fuck did i get on this goddamn table?”

“mmmm baby you don’t think those men just left do you?” i whisper. “oh, you don’t remember getting the tub to here?” i ask with such an evil grin to bare. “they enjoyed moving you for me. i think they also enjoyed…well…nevermind that.”

“you are such a dead cunt,” you hiss.


“we will see who dies first baby,” i snarl back. “goddamn you, don’t act like you are all innocent baby! it is a little late for that. you know damn well what you were getting into with me.”

i move down the side of the table staring at your body splayed before me.

“mmmmm baby you look like you are being crucified. care to sacrafice yourself for my sins baby?”

“fuck you,” you groan between your lips.

–to be continued–

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