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Friday September 08th 2006, 4:33 pm
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Note: this is part 5 of a series. parts 1 through 4 can be read down below.

your thoughts are lost in this strange moment. you do not feel so enraged to kill, but you still have revenge in the back of your mind. you are thankful that you cannot see what i have done to you and afraid to see what is going to be the aftermath of this stunt i have pulled on you. you don’t even know if it is day or night. when was the last time you slept? this high keeps you going and your anger keeps you alert.

i stare at you as you are in a painful bliss. it seems to be this healthy of mix of a little more pain then pleasure. your cum makes me want to walk over there and lick it all up. but, looking from side to side i realize that will just ruin my “art”.

“almost done,” i almost mumble with intoxication. “you look so fucking good, my living art, my slut, my canvas.”

i stare at your blank legs. so smooth and clean. i would rather lick them and grind my wet cunt against them. it really is an effort on my part to not just give in, wipe my canvas clean and fuck you silly.

i crawl between your legs. rest my head on your thigh. i feel you tense up.

“shhhhhh relax,” i whisper. yet, you don’t. i smile knowing you wouldn’t.

i twist the sound ever so slightly and you let out a moan and your cock twitches like i am milking you dry. i smile and let me tongue slip out on to your thigh. you twitch more. i nibble on the flesh. mmmmm so close to your tight balls. licking and biting. i start to suck. suck harder and harder. you can feel that pain in your sensitive inner thigh. i keep sucking till the pain starts to sting and i let go with a last lick. you let out a small breath.

“mmmmm babyyy, your skin is like a girl’s,” i coo. “if you did not have this cock here, i would almost feel like i am going to eat a girl out.”

you snarl, not even sure i can see from where i am. i can sense your anger. i go to the other thigh and leave my red, red mark. small purple and red dots on your clean flesh.

“mmmmm you look tainted baby. i wonder how much trouble you will be in with these marks.” my grin grows more evil.

you hear another slip from the metal tray.

“you know baby,” i say as a matter of fact. my scalpel pushes harder into your thigh flesh. you jerk with the pain.

“ah ah stay still or i will hit a precious vein,” i warn.

you feel my tool move in one long and painful stroke. i lift at the knee and proceed to the very tender lower leg area. my cut is much lighter as there is not much flesh here. you hiss as i go down. your blood seeps out in freedom from your body. without hesitation i move to the other side. top of the the thigh and complete my final stroke to your ankle. i watch the blood spill to the sides.

“hehe, baby you do look sacrificed for me in a very sadistic and modern way,” i chuckle. you don’t look amused.

“well you realize every artist has to sign their work,” i say with such an evil grin.

i see your head searching for me. your mouth opens to form the beginning of “no” and i grab the needle of your left nipple and pull upward. your scream makes my cunt tingle.

“oh baby,” i say sweetly. “what were you going to say?”

“p-please,” you hiss.

i let go of the needle. you huff in pain.

“hmmmmm, yes. that is what i thought,” i sneer.

i look at your pelvis. nice clean area by your red, throbbing cock. i bend down and etch in deep to ensure scarring a “G” and a “B”. your body trembles with every delicate and precise cut. your face is red and i can guess it is from furry.

“you know baby,” i mouth into your pelvis as i touch up the letters. “it is good i decided not to sign my name on your cock.”

your cock twitches.

“yeah, i bet you would dig that my slut,” i laugh. “you make me so happy baby. you look so good. now it is time to show you off.”

your heart races. you think, “WHAT? you have got to be kidding bitch. your fucking crazy dead bitch!”

i pull on my robe and tie it. i realize that i smell like sadistic sex. i leave you alone in the room to fetch my art goers.

you sit in this dark silence. your body searing with pain and rage. you don’t even want to think about all of these marks that are probably permanent on your body. how you will even explain this. you want to kill. you want to put forth a long torturous revenge on me and end in my sweet death. you mull over various chocking, stabbing, cutting and hanging scenarios. you think about the length of time, days, weeks or months. you hear footsteps nearing. the door opens and in walks a crowd. you cannot see them. you hear whispers and shuffles as they come towards you. you close your eyes in embarrassment. at this point you don’t know which is worse, being a cum slut or a piece of art.

you feel latex coated fingers roam your body making you twitch. some touch the sensitive painful areas, while others touch arousing you. the whispers are low and incomprehensible. you are fishing for me and yet you don’t sense my presence at all. no sound, no touch, no sight nor smell. your mind thinks i have ran off to keep my distance from you so that you cannot catch me once you are free from your binds. “bitch,” you think to yourself.

you hiss at a few touches. they seem confident and controlled. they are not shaky or nervous. these hands want to touch and want to torment you. you start thinking they are sadists as you hiss and groan in pain. a mix of male and female all around you. the smell of wine on their breaths and none of them coming into your view.

slowly the hands become less frequent. you hear them walk away one by one. you are left alone and in wonderment. your body is aching and throbbing in a constant pain. your muscles are cramping, your head feels dizzy from the loss of blood. you feel beat up and weary. your eyes lids start to get heavy and start to fall.

you feel my lips press against your ears. you are startled.

“baby, thank you,” i whisper so delicately in your ear. “you were beautiful. all of them loved you.”

i place my hand over your nose and mouth with such precision. you think i am playing a game as you cock twitches. i am not. your face grows a dark red as your eyes start to bulge. you are struggling for air and your head starts to shake from side to side. i hold down with pressure. you slow down…down…down. as your body starves for air i whisper in your ear,”yes baby, i am selfish and i cannot let you free from this. you know i love you always.”

you slip away and a tear falls from my face onto your forehead.

with a jolt you sit up in bed breathing heavily. you are covered in sweat. you look around and you are in your safe room and bed. there is a silent lump sleeping beside you. you realized it was a long dream and you notice your hard on is raging.

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Oh my.. Grace.. this was so intense.. and then the ending!!! Wow!

mmhmm that is one of my favorites to write. i loved that series.

Comment by pandora 11.28.06 @ 4:08 pm

Started reading a sometime last year. Been trying to catch up. Maybe stalker status.?? Haha, but anyways, this, Gracie, this f.u.c.k.e.d my mind. Thank you.

Comment by Fuckbunny 08.19.14 @ 1:42 pm

Fuckbunny, thank you for reading. I appreciate it. It’s always a little surprising when someone reads the old and more graphic stuff. I do miss that muse very much.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.19.14 @ 2:32 pm

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