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my canvas IV
Tuesday September 05th 2006, 7:37 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i cannot shake this evil grin on my face. i feel like i am in a dream state and this work of art is just a pure masterpiece. yet, i am not quite done as i like to fill my whole canvas.

your breathing seems to accept the new bits of pain and calm a little. i see your forehead forming small beads of sweat.

“yeah baby, that shock to the system makes on hot,” i explain.

you snarl a little at me.

“oh baby, you look so fucking good. you are my art! i cannot believe i made art out of a lover. that i can fuck art, what a fucking amazing thing,” i express.

i keep my calm composure and get back into my trance. i need to finish.

your mind is reeling. you feel a million images and lights flashing on your lids like a screen every time you blink. your body heated with throbbing pain as the blood is dry on both of your arms. you don’t even know if your cock is still hard. it shouldn’t be after what i just put you through. you feel anymore is going to send you over board with a violent physical shock.

“this bitch, this bitch,” is all you can say inside your mind. you now realized i do not allow you to see to heighten the pain and physical torture i am administering. there is no way to calm the beast. you are enraged and in a deep furry. there is no kiss and make up to this stunt. this is life and death.

“oh baby,” i whisper in your ear, startling you. “you look beautiful to me. i realize this goes beyond anything that we have discussed with the no marks and all that jazz. you knew i am one to push those limits. you know i don’t like limits when we are together my twisted lover. i think i don’t want you with her anyways. yet, i don’t want you for myself either. i know that sounds pretty fucked up. but come on baby…you live for me. i am sure you want to kill me. but…baby, you know i am going to make this all better,” as i lick the outline of your ear, slowly trailing inward. “ba-by,” i whisper and you let out a small moan. “i-want-you-to-myself,” in a barely audible fashion. you take in a deep breath and your cock is swaying. “mmmmm ba-byyyy, just…be…my…slut,” i moan. your breath quivering. “puh-lllease…bay-byyyy,” i groan.

a small,”yes”, escapes your lips. catching you in a moment, you immediately feel guilt.

i stand up and grin. my scalpel runs from middle of your pecks down to right above the belly button. this incision was with more pressure then on the arms. instead of yelling in pain you groan in lust. my words still ringing in your ear as your blood pools from your new wound.

i crawl on top of you and sink your cock inside of me. you grunt in a slutty need. i just rest on your hard cock as i bend down to lick some of the fresh blood that is starting to run from the wound and down the sides.

“mmmmm babyyyyy,” i moan. “so fucking sweet.” as i grind you cock. “don’t you cum in me babyyy. don’t you dare fucking cum or i will cut your shit off you slut.”

you are breathing deep as the blood is thick and red running away from it’s source. i drips down. i start to draw in certain areas, but leave more of the “running” look. right when i am finished with my design i start to come on you with dark intensity. my hands grip low and away from any of the blood. my nails dig into your flesh and pull downward as my orgasm ripples through my body. you feel me tighten around your cock and the pain i have inflicted on you keeps you from cumming.

“GODDDAMMMNNNNN BA-BYYYYY!” i scream. you are grunting through your pain. i have drawn blood from my nail bites.

you feel a flood coat down to your tight, swollen balls. you need to cum so fucking bad. you have been hard for an eternity.

i climb down and sit on an over stuffed chair. i am catching my breath. perhaps fucking in the middle of my work may have been taxing on my physical stature. i stare at your red, pulsing and throbbing cock. it stands so straight and it glistens from my juices. it is a beautiful piece to me.

you hear another shuffle of metal against a tray and now you cannot see me at all. you can just hear, smell and feel. you can smell my sex in the air. you want it as it seduces you through your nose. my scent always draws you to the edge.

you feel cold metal on your hot balls. you want to jerk at the sudden conflict of temperatures, but instead you ache at the restraint.

“fucking bitch,” you think. “she is too fucking smart for her own good, keeping me this tied down.”

the cold metal starts to squeeze. your balls want to explode with cum. yet, the pain is fucking getting to be unbearable.

“ooooooo baby,” i squeal. “your balls look so fucking squeezed!”

your face reddens as you grunt. the squeezing stops and your balls feel like that are going to be squeezed off by this metal contraption. you hear the sounds of latex gloves being snapped into place. your mind reels again.

“shit!” you think. “what the fuck is she up to now?”

“mmmmm baby, have you heard of sounds?” i ask so sweetly. “oh that is right you can only say yes or please. just say yes or no.”

“no,” you murmur.

“oh,” i say with some interest. “well baby let me enlighten your deviant little mind. sounds are medical instruments designed to be inserted into the urethra, better yet to enlarge the urethra and even better with this particular set…deep penetration to the prostate.”

you cannot believe what you are hearing. this cannot be happening and you want to keep your cock attached so your breathing increases to a huffing and puffing. i can tell you are thoroughly pissed at me. you feel the dull vibrator in your ass stop. your ass feel numb.

you feel a cold dab on your cock head. you cannot feel much as it is with a hard on and your balls in a metal fucking vise. you feel gloved hands grab at your cock as a metal tip sinks inside your cock every so slowly. there is not much pain as the thought of a piece of metal being rammed in your cock.

“mmmm baby, your cock looks like a pussy taking in a metal cock,” i say with great concentration. “what a fucking mind fuck to see this.”

you think it is better you don’t see this at all as it would just really fuck with your mind. you feel uncomfortable as it pushes down but your cock sucks it in as gravity takes in the van buren sound. my hand guides the j-curved sound further down. you grunt deep when i touch your prostate. the vibrator goes on and within seconds you grunts and groans cause you to cum with such eruption. you think it pushes that metal rod out.

“oh goddamn baby,” i whisper as your cum oozes out like a volcano i have flagged as my territory. “goddamn that is so fucking hot.” i pull of the gloves and toss them to the side as i am lost in this sight.

i walk up to your head. i lick your lips and sink my tongue into you. you groan as your cock is still oozing cum out so slowly. your cock twitching and the sound jabbing your prostate with teasing sensations.

“almost done baby,” i whisper on to your lips. “i told you i take good care of you.”

you are still moaning as you are still cumming. you feel like this could be the first time that you could feel how a woman feels with a long intense orgasm. “so fucking twisted,” you think as you cock continues to spasm with slow amounts of cum flowing down the side of your cock so milky white.

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