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my canvas III
Sunday September 03rd 2006, 7:22 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“mmmmm now my pain slut is permanently scarred for me,” i say with pride. “i have officially fucking marked you slut. this is the GRACE WAS HERE mark, my fucking territory, my-fucking-territory! i have pissed on you for life my sweet fucking slut. i own you no matter what and i did this first. i beat you to this my bitch. so no matter what you do to me, i marked you officially first. yeah let that sink in baby, let that marinate in your twisted fucking mind. oooo get mad, get mad my fucking pain slut.” i grin.

i smile proud as i see the top of my canvas so beautiful. the color, the lines the textures. i am sure if you were standing right next to me baby you would appreciate my efforts. but, seeing as you are the work of art. i am sure you would differ.

you stare at me with daggers. my eyes dart to yours and my glassy inspired look is immediately gone.

“awww baby,” i say in my attempted pathetic tone. “now really, you are ruining my moment of inspiration. don’t make me use some toothpicks to keep your eyelids open and wipe away those awful looks that you give me. mmmmm do you want that baby?”

you shake your head while slowly closing your eyes. you think, “just make it through this and FUCK this will never stop. the next moment you get you choke that bitch to death. that is when this will fucking end!”


“open your goddamn eyes baby,” i hiss. “i need to see them enjoy this. hmmmm.” you hear metal clanking again. “i wonder what gage i want to use.”

you start to dread as you force your eyes to open. you think, “shit this has really gone too fucking far! if this bitch does not kill me tonight…she is dead!”

“mmmmm i think i will use a 16 gage,” i say out loud to myself.

i can hear you let out a breath of air. i grin as i pick up the 16 gage piercing needle and a cork. i come into your view with an evil grin. i look into your eyes and then downward. you start to panic. “this bitch is not going to pierce my cock hard,” you think. i bend down and you take in a deep breath. i start sucking on your right nipple. you let out an unexpected moan. your cock twitches as i suck with such experience. i lick, flick and suck. while i suck my tongue flicking your nipple inside of my mouth. you start to harden and swell. your precum oozing over the size of your cock now. just when you start to feel this climb to cum you feel me pierce your nipple as soon as my mouth separates from you.

“UGHHHHH!” you grit between your clenched teeth.

the pain is unbelievable. you thought my claw clamps and fierce biting was bad. this topped it all. it throbbed and pulsed with pain. you are trying to breathe through the burns, the prodded cuts and now this stinging, hot pain.

“mmmmmmmmm b-babyyyy,” i moan. “look at you. so much pain, so many different things to feel. you are starting to look like a work of art. mmmmmm and i have only just begun.”

i am lightly rubbing my own nipple and pinching and tugging it. my other hand traveling downward as if being seduced by myself it rubs so gently on my hard, wet clit. my eyes close briefly as i see my filled canvas. it is right there, right behind my eyes just waiting to be finished. i smile with delight as it is attainable. the rubbing between my legs grows frantic and you can hear wetness being moved and very small barely audible gasps and moans. your cock twitches as you focus on the sound then the pain that is shooting in your freshly pierced nipple. suddenly the noises stop. your eyes dart around trying to hear.

“mmmmm,” i moan. “you look so fucking good baby.” as i press down every so slightly on the needle that is pierced through you tender nipple. you hiss and grunt loudly.

“ooooo you sound like you are being sucked off oh so fucking good. do that again.” i press down harder. you gasp and grunt ever louder.

“goddamn baby. that is so fucking hot,” i barely make out in a moan.

you hear the noise of metal being dragged then lifted off the tray. i walk over to left of your body. your teeth clench and wishing god only gave you one of everything so you would not have to bare pain like this twice. i suck and you cannot help but feel a sense of escapism and dread for the existing pain you feel and the pain you will feel. you start to breathe heavy knowing and preparing for this next bit. i lift my mouth off and you wait. nothing.

i laugh, “you know baby, they say when you get your nipples pierced that the second one always hurts more and you should get them pierced at the same time if you can. most people only get one because it hurts so bad.”

your lip snarls as you fucking dread hearing that bit of information. you cannot say a goddamn word and you wish you could break through these metal binds and stab me with that scalpel and 16 fucking gage needle over and over again till my body is no longer identifiable. both arms like a machine stabbing over and over again as you laugh insanely seeing me try to protect myself with my hands and cries. you stabbing through everything in your way.

just as you are lost in thought as i can tell. i slowly push the needle through your erect nipple. i don’t even make it quick like the first one. you snap out of your murderous thoughts and yell with pain. just to get my point across i fuck your new nipple hole with the needle.

“mmmmmm baby, should i be like a cock and pull all the way out and push all the way back in? it is like popping a cherry, oooo you are bleeding.” i hiss.

you are shaking your head pleading with me. my grin grows wider. the thought of pulling that needle out of your devirginized nipple is so tempting and imagine the pain baby of me trying to force it back in like a tight cunt. goddamn baby. i cannot resist, i pull the needle out as you hiss loudly. the hole looks like it closes up. you are grunting in pain. i search for your tight hole with the pointy needle tip, you start to scream as i probe and finally find it and like a cock to a cunt i ram it back through. you scream with such intense pain.

“mmmmmmm yeah baby,” i coo. “scream like a bitch for me. mmmmm love it when you are so vulnerable like a bitch. i just took your cunt and used it. mmmmm yeah baby that is what i like.”

your new nipple piercing has swelled double the size of your first one due to the needle fucking. i dribble on a piercing mixture over both nipples that soothes and stings at the same time. you feel a slight relief but the pain in your nipples makes your toes curl and your breathing almost in a panicked state.

–to be continued–

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Comment by Fuckbunny 08.18.14 @ 6:38 pm

Fuckbunny, Thank you for reading the old stuff.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.19.14 @ 2:32 pm

How could I know the new if I didn’t know the old.

Comment by Fuckbunny 08.20.14 @ 12:34 pm

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