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my canvas II
Saturday September 02nd 2006, 7:18 am
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“mmmhmmm, yeah baby we will see if you are able to when i am done with you,” i say in a controlled rage.

you cannot see anything except what is directly above you. you hear clanking noises and some shuffling.

“you are my canvas and this…” as i display a scalpel in your view. “…is one of my instruments.”

you make grave attempts to free yourself. nothing budges. you are completely still. i can see your muscles tense as you are trying to move a centimeter.

“yeah baby don’t hurt yourself. my boys got you down pretty good. i learned a few tricks from them for next time. well, if there is a next time, ” i smirk.

“YOU FUCKING CUNT!!” you scream.

i calmly place the scalpel at the base of your cock. being careful to not even press ever so lightly as it is brand new and furiously sharp. immediately you stop screaming.

“now you listen good you fucking shit,” i spit. “don’t you think for one goddamn minute that i won’t turn you into the fucking bitch that you really are. i will fucking chop that beautiful fucking cock off faster then you can say the “N” in NO and shove it down your cock hungry throat so you can choke on it. the only reason why i left your fucking mouth available is so i can hear you pathetic cries you pain slut. DON’T PISS ME OFF FUCKER!”

you are quiet. your chest heaving in rage. the last thing you want is your manhood cut from you because you felt that blade touch and you felt that sting as i was ranting. i can see a small delicate line of blood oozing.

“oh baby,” i notice. “now look what you made me do.”

i bend down and lick your small wound ever so lightly with the tip of my tongue. your cock twitches and aches as it hardens.

“mmmm baby, your blood tastes so sweet,” i coo.

I lick the wound till the blood starts to clot. your cock hard and straight. i lick around the base as i see precum start to pool at the tip of your swollen cock head.

“damn baby, you are such a fucking slut,” i laugh.

i slip on a cock ring and you begin to get nervous. you almost forgot about the shiny new scalpel i had in my hand as it glistened in the flickering light. after the cock ring is on you suddenly feel a buzzing in your ass. i start to laugh as you make attempts to jolt. instead i watch your cock twitch so hard your precum starts to drip down your shaft.

“mmhmm baby, put that in there when you were…sleeping,” i whisper. i guess you did not notice that hiding up in your cunt. of course that was not the only thing in your cunt either. BUT, i have said too much.”

you snarl, but literally bite your tongue. you almost bite it off as you start to taste your own blood. you think, “this bitch….is so fucking dead”.

i stand by your head looking at your body. your arms spread outward, palms up. i can see the redness burning your handcuffed wrists. seeing you like this makes me wet. what i am about to do to you will make me drench.

i start analyzing you as i tilt my head from side to side. i barely feel the sharp metal drag from your elbow down towards your wrist. i blow on the barely formed incision. you can feel the burn you slightly hiss. i see your cock twitch and sway back and forth.

“you realize baby, if i pressed a little harder i would hit that radial artery of yours,” i say in a concentrated tone. “you know very well what i speak of.”

“yes,” you whisper. well aware that we both know the proper way to drain a body of its blood supply faster then a simple wrist slice if one wanted to commit a “proper” suicide. as we both can agree a proper jugular slice is quite appropriate if you want to do it right.

“mmmm baby your blood, fuck baby,” i moan. my finger start to trace designs with the blood that is slowly oozing from you fresh wound. you wince slightly as my finger presses the wound to gather more blood for my design.

“hmmmm, i think that looks lovely,” i say in a trance state. i get lost in my art as you well know. i am focused and i do not hear surrounding noises. i look crazy to you as you stare up at my face wishing you could attack. you see the glassy look in my eyes as i am concentrating and lost.

i snap out of my trance to redirect myself on you left arm. the same precise line is cut down your arm. the same pressure, the same pattern in bleeding. the same design in blood. i never noticed you wincing as i fed the tip of my finger with more of your paint.

“hmmmm,” i almost say to myself. “i need some texture.”

i lick three small lines on your right shoulder. your cock twitches again.

“goddamn baby,” i say. “you are twitching way too soon. i am sure you know what lye is?”

“N-NO!” you shout.


“What did i say slut,” i say not expecting an answer. “you shut the fuck up or i will plug your mouth with your cock! one more goddamn word other then yes or please and i will have no problem making you my real bitch”

it is horrible enough you have to explain these incisions on your arms, but burns? before you know it i am lightly sprinkling powdered lye on my tongue licks. it starts to bubble. you start to groan as it eats away at your flesh like a hundred tiny razor teeth eating away at you.

“goddamn baby,” i say intoxicated.

you are trying to writhe and i am rubbing my clit i see the bubbles increasing and before you red face bursts i splash the burn with some vinegar.

“mmmm my seared slut,” i moan.

your flesh is blistered and raw. i finger the wound and you hiss at me. you cock twitches slightly.

“why goddamn baby, you loving this as much as i do,” i ask with such excitement. “you fucking slut. my delicious pain slut. or are you just enjoying that vibrator buzzing up in your ass?”

i show you my evil grin and you snarl.

“ah ah,” i warn. “be a good boy.”

i lick the side of your face to your lips. you start to shaking your head no thinking i am going to “make art” on your face next.

“shhhhh baby,” i say calmly. “stop that. you know i cannot mess up such a lovely face.”

i force my tongue in your mouth. you take me in with eagerness. i fuck your mouth with my tongue. my cunt juices are starting to run down my leg. i can feel a pulsing and throb. i pull out and lick three lines on your left shoulder. your groan deep but keep silent. a sprinkle of lye again and your face reddens and your teeth are clenched as it burns and cooks your flesh.

“mmmmmmmmm babyyyyy,” i slur. “you m-make meee wanna c-come.”

i almost get lost as you are huffing through the burn. i splash vinegar on your fresh wound. your chest is heaving and trying to breathe through the pain. your mind curses me repeatedly. it shows on your tortured face.

–to be continued–

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