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my break
Saturday January 13th 2007, 2:14 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i walked briskly in the cold air. i could see my breath as i let out a puff of frustration from my mouth. the sun was about to set and my work day was not nearly over with. i rounded the corner to the car to see the windows fogged up as car lights quickly hit lit up the car and pushed it back in the shadows.


i see your head pop up over the back seat like a waiting dog. i opened the back passenger door and shoved inside the humid and warm interior.

“well at least it is warm in here.” i push aside the blanket that covered your lap to grab your already hardened cock. “hmmm, you remind daily why you are such a slut. got hard when i unlocked the door huh pet?”

i glare at your slow nodding head.

“pull them down.”

without any hesitation or second guessing you unbutton your jeans, unzip the fly and push them to your ankles. my cold hand grabs the warm shaft.

“mmmm you would think my cold hands would make you limp. goddamn you are such a fucking slut.” i tug on your cock warming my hand with your head. my other hand gripping your balls tight.i hear you whimper in pain as i torment your precious limbs. “oh hush you know you like it, why i can feel you throbbing to my touch.”

i bend forward and take your cock fully into my mouth all the way down and i grin when i get to the bottom and feel you jump. you quickly learned that jerking only made the pain much much worse. you fought to stay still as what you thought might have been a needle poking into your balls and scraping up and down your cock. i moaned every time you hissed with pain.

i tightened my grip around your balls tugging i felt you start to pulse and i knew you would cum when i demanded it. i felt your hands grip the seat as you shot your seed in my mouth. i slowly pulled my mouth off your cock and starred at you with a grin. i grabbed you chin to open your mouth and spit your cum onto your tongue. i leaned forward to meet your tongue with mine as i pushed your glob of cum down your tongue and into your throat. i felt you swallow and parted from your mouth.

“mmmmm i needed that. i have to go back to work. be a good boy while i am gone.” i patted the top of your head as i whispered into your ear. “don’t think i did you a favor sucking you off either. i have something planned for you tonight.”

i opened the car door and locked it behind me and walked quickly back to the office. you watched as i rounded the corner till i was out of view. you pulled up your pants back up and covered yourself with the blanket that was crumpled on the ground. you laid back on the seat and put your hand over you cock. you could touch, but nothing else. you pushed your hand all the way down and squeezed your balls till you yelped and yanked your hand from your pants.

“f-f-fuck,” was all you whispered as you fell back asleep.

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yes, Grace. compliant and obedient – i wait patiently for you always.

your slut,


mmmmmm, i know.

Comment by vslut 01.13.07 @ 4:30 am

What delicious and decadent kisses.


Comment by Liras 01.14.07 @ 6:14 am

Nice break! I need a pet in my car at the office. Lol.

pets are great for that.

Comment by Chris 01.16.07 @ 12:09 am

you are such a wicked, wicked girl

Comment by silence up2nogood 03.07.07 @ 3:19 am

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