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Thursday April 01st 2010, 10:26 am
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Sex positive.
Queer positive.
Freak positive.
Kink positive.
Fetish positive.
Very positive.

Dark Gracie is an acclaimed photographer, sex author, and deviant extraordinaire, who first began writing explitica in 2005. Today her work is published in Erotica Diaries, regularly featured on Fleshbot, reviewed by Playboy and appeared in Cosmopolitan Australia. She has worked with PopSyndicate, Mayhem Magazine, Sex and the 405, Safeword Magazine and Gracie’s fallen-from-grace filth can be found on her blog where she reveals mindfuck stories and appears on Good Vibrations Magazine and soon to be writing for Servitú Magazine.

In addition to being a Brand Ambassador for Good Vibrations, she has reviewed sex toys for Njoy, My Buddy, Eden Fantasies, Lelo and JimmyJane. Her photography can be found on PaddedKink.

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i’ve always enjoyed sex but been scared that i would freak out the men i enjoyed it with if i really said what i wanted. but reading this blog makes me think “eh, why settle for less” thanks

Comment by Jamyra 07.22.10 @ 10:25 pm

i think it’s very important to get what you want in sex. the key is communication, don’t be afraid to express your desires and if he/she reacts poorly, it wasn’t meant to be and you should find what IS meant to be.

Comment by dark gracie ® 07.23.10 @ 9:31 am

sequestered in my cubicle. my chest feels full and my heart is racing as i read the “oral” stream. i can’t believe work hasn’t managed to block your site but in this moment i frankly don’t care to know how it has slipped through their radar. my pussy is pounding and i’ve quite literally soaked through my pants. though they are only thin black dress slacks, i’m still impressed. i can hear people approaching my corner occasionally and i quickly attempt to click to different screens. each missed click near the bottom bar makes my heart beat hard into the wall of my chest. sometimes they stop. looking up at these people standing before me with their mindless chatter, my mind glaring into them, wishing they would get the fuck away from me so i can continue reading. clicking back to your screen. my hand involuntarily falling to press as firmly into my pussy as my pants allows. i only wish i could better convey the consuming quality of this fullness in my chest. leaning back in my chair, right hand pressing into my pussy, left hand reaching back to tug the hair at the base of my neck, skimming what i’ve written. leaning forward to press send.

Comment by katy woods 08.19.10 @ 5:29 pm

Katy, i think you have very well conveyed yourself. please feel free to read on and comment all you like. just reading your reactions is quite hot to me. xo

Comment by dark gracie® 08.19.10 @ 5:38 pm

you make me feel dark and want to fuck myself.

Comment by katy woods 08.19.10 @ 6:18 pm

i fully encourage such behavior. i would even suggest a nice scarf wrapped tightly around the neck because honey, it just makes you come that much better.

Comment by dark gracie® 08.19.10 @ 6:28 pm

couldn’t procure a scarf. fastened a g-string around my neck instead.

Comment by katyywoods 08.20.10 @ 2:30 am

that is a good resourceful girl.

Comment by dark gracie® 08.20.10 @ 4:16 pm

Hi there Gracie,

I recently started reading your blog after following you on Twitter for a while. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading you. I love the way you think, and the way you express yourself through your writing. There’s a real honesty and openness that I find intriguing and beguiling and arousing in equal measure. Oh and you’re sexy as all fuck!

I’d love to add you to the blogroll on my very own blog, and share you with my own little cabal of perverts. Please, Miss…may I?


Comment by Perversonality 03.21.11 @ 7:03 pm

Of course you can add me any which way you like and thank you kindly for the lovely words. Can you please make sure to let me know your Twitter handle so that I can follow you as well. I get so many emails a day that I can’t keep up with following people back. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 03.21.11 @ 7:09 pm